Hello and Welcome! I am so glad you dropped by. I am Abeer, wife to Aetesam and mom to 3 year old Hamza and 1 year old Azaan.

This is my small happy corner on the web where I will share bits and pieces of my life; my passion for photography and travel; my love for words and simple thoughts; ordinary, everyday life that seems mundane but is also magical and inspirational; my pursuit to be a minimalist and of conscious living; food adventures; family videos and sometimes crafts and DIY projects.

Being a mother has changed me, in the best possible way. I will be sharing my motherhood journey, revelling in the experiences, thinking out loud the worries that come with it, sharing tips here and there on what I have learned along the way, specially on raising little boys as I have two of them 🙂

I am really passionate about travelling, food and family lifestyle photography — capturing those imperfect, candid moments that hold all the love and magic rather than the posed/perfect ones. But none of these passions come close to what I feel for my family which is something much more than love, and which will be fairly depicted in my posts here.

Grab a coffee and stay awhile! Happy reading 🙂