I am quite surprised by the change of pace brought by a day at work. It feels very new to me that while i work on completing those jobs, i am not required to focus a part of my brain on the toilet schedule of my toddler or the damp laundry needing to be put out or the curry that needs to be stirred or the looming school pickup with only half an hour to spare. Its so refreshing and relieving that i am ONLY required to submit these site access notification forms or assemble those engineering construction briefs or fill those purchase orders etc at a given time.

All the faculties and energies of my brain dedicated to a sole cause, not a jumble of housekeeping jobs, i really needed that after 6 years. Its becoming my own way of practicing mindfulness, being in the moment with myself, a bit like yoga 🧘‍♀️ perhaps, or a morning run 🏃‍♀️ if you may.

I am the kind of person who is never in a relaxed-mode while at home during the day. There is always some chore to do, there are chores within chores, and there are always kids needing to be looked-after or played with all the time. And if its not the housework, there are groceries to be bought and sorted, outside errands to run, kids to pick n drop. And if i am lucky enough to find a free hour, i like to devote it to some house project etc. Its a never-ending cycle. It really doesnt let me sit for the full day. I thrive on multitasking and the busyness so i m good with it mostly.

But some hours of work retreat before diving back into the whirpool of a family home is physically exhausting but mentally energizing. Ready for those warm hugs and goofy tales and smudged happy faces. (When do i write these posts you ask? In my breaks to not let the mind go stale 🙂).

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