Hamza 6th Birthday Party !!!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Hamza’s 6th birthday with a fun-filled low-key birthday party at home with friends and family. I kept it super-casual and based it just around kids. We cleared our dining room to make room for the kids show, hung up some decorations, put out some candy and popcorn, ordered some pizza and thats about it. We invited Charlie Silly Pants over to do his funny magic show for the kids which was super-hit, both for the kids and adults πŸ˜€

A room full of some of my favourite people, laughter, pizza πŸ• and cake πŸŽ‚ , giggling kids, colorful buntings, disco balls, a funny magician 🎩, pom poms, balloons 🎈, chai β˜•οΈ and happy conversations, lotssaa candy 🍭 and popcorn 🍿, music 🎢 and dance πŸ’ƒπŸ». Just the room to celebrate 🎊 my boy turning 6 ☺️. Made me so happy to be able to create such a room with lotssaa funnn and postive vibes. Thank you Charlie for bringing so much joy to our party. Thankyou to all my friends who always participate such whole-heartedly and for celebrating with us. πŸ˜„

I took out my camera and took some photos. Each photo tells a story and is so special to me, even its blurry or someone has a silly expression stuck, it reminds me of that day and thats all that counts.

I am hardly blogging these days but i still wanted to share these photos here cause i wanna write a few lines here and there and tell the story as to how I wanna remember it. So here we go.

We started the day with a mini-breakfast celebration. When other kids might want cupcakes or pancakes or waffles, this one wanted PIES for his birthday breakfast so pies he got!

During the day, Hamza made a welcome sign for his birthday party and helped me decorate store-bought cupcakes with silly faces.

1I6A0855A few photos of the room with its decorations.

1I6A0857My kids wanted to dress up in costumes, so we told all their little friends to dress up in characters if they want. Most of the younger group played along and they all looked a seriously adorable bunch.

Hamza wanted a skate board for so long and he finally got one on this birthday as one of the gifts from us. Azaan got this scooter too.

And now some photos from the show.

Charlie’s Nappy jokes were fairly popular among the kids. Here he has a nappy on his head πŸ˜€


Azaan’s expression in these photos are everything! πŸ˜€

Look at these faces..

Charlie doing tricks with the brothers.

Mamas having fun along with the little ones

Some silly family photos with Charlie

and friends

Love these friends

Cake was Hamza’s choice from Birthday Cake shop and totally going with the party theme

My jumpsuit is from Princess Highway and so is my band

A few photos with the kids before the party

A couple more with friends and family.

Happiest Birthday to my shining star, my Hamza. The boy who gave us the joy of parenthood. You are alot like me than i would like in being your emotional and sensitive self. You go from zero to 100Β in both happiness and frustration, in a matter of seconds. Its not easy living life while wearing our hearts on our sleeves (i would know). But you are also such a fireball of confidence, intelligence, brilliant humour, sportsmanship that it grounds you and make you shine in a crowd always. I pray that you soar through life with your wings spread far and achieve everything you want to achieve and have the courage to let go of the things you cant, cause thats ok too. You are one of a kind. We all love you soo soo soooooo much. And then a little bit more. So proud of the compassionate person you are becoming. May Allah protect you always.

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