Life in a family home


We are down to the final three Rozas of Ramadan you guys. How did that happen? Always a bittersweet feeling when the month of blessing comes to an end. Although a bit challenging in the start for me, I gradually come to love my Ramadan routine and I am already getting nostalgic that its ending. When i say challenging thats because I then have to manage and run two different eating and sleeping routines for all the family members, half of us being on one cycle and the other half on another. But i love the feeling of calmness and patience Ramadan always brings.

Grateful that ours fasting days here were short and chilly so I never once felt thirsty or even hungry as such. Its just the feeling of low and depleted energies post-noon thats challenging, specially when you have kids with pretty packed schedules to run and the general public around doesn’t know or consider your somewhat special condition and expect you to be on top of your game, so to speak. Another challenge was staying strong in face of such strong and tempting coffee aromas around you when outside. But i think i have saved a good chunk of money by not buying even a single cup this month so thats pretty awesome.

We had a long weekend this week owing to Queen’s Birthday which was spent deep-cleaning and organizing the house during day and being entertained at iftar parties during evening. Good times spent at both ends. Quite a productive weekend it was.

Also, we had a rare family night out on Friday and had a lot of fun. We almost never venture out with kids at night here, a cultural change that i was happy to adapt when we moved to Australia last year. Dinners mostly at home and early night-ins even on weekends seemed so strange to cope with in the beginning. We were used to partying at night first in Khi and then in Riyadh, both cities had that cultural vibe. Kids wake up after 10am in the morning and stay up till late there. Cant imagine that now as i have grown to love my few hours of peace at night and then turning in early too. Waking up early also makes me feel like i have the whole day ahead of me to do whatever. Gone are the day when i would stay up til 2am!

The coming work-week is only a three-day week for us. As monday was already off, and we are taking friday off as well due to Eid. Lots of families and friends get-togethers planned for the comings days. Excited for that.

Just wanted to do a casual, quick post with some general, everyday photos of the last week or so and have managed to write a 500-word blogpost, haha. What are your plans for Eid if you are celebrating? Wish you a fabulous time with your loved ones! xx

Card and gift from husband on clearing an exam 😀34718437_10209059480763900_697759661058686976_nhe is too much into books these days 🙂

We hired a carpet-cleaning machine last weekend from Bunnings and washed all our rugs and upholstery

Different kinds of iftar everyday

So silly, so pyaaray, my bachas.



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