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Hi guys! I think taking long hiatus from this blog is becoming my style. Its not for the lack of words or ideas or things to share though. But only for the lack of time and my general laziness/busyness.

I have always loved coming to this space with a chaye on hand, hanging in my favorite spot, and then taking my sweet time to comfortably write and curate stuff to share. I liked to indulge here. I never like to come here if i had to rush things just for the sake of it. This was my sweet, luxurious corner of the internet that didn’t tell me I was running late, or i have unfinished chores. I could be my truest, most available self without all that looming overhead thats ‘real life’.

But then real life for me in this stage of life got so consuming that it didn’t leave me any time to indulge here. I took to fast-sharing on instagram more. Dont get me wrong, just because I am not posting here doesn’t mean I am not sharing about my life. My insta-stories are a proof against that. Its just easier for me to share in a more instant, casual vibe there rather than carefully trying to articulate everything over here which started happening less and less.

Today I logged into this space and felt a rush of calmness, a drive of inspiration, a realm of all the dreams I had for this space. So I have decided that I am going to let go of my ‘standards’ and just casually drop in here more and more, just like I am doing on my instagram. Maybe even post the same thing here, maybe a bit more or less. It might not be pretty or feel like a proper blogpost (sadly, I love me a good long blogpost that take you in a different frame of mind) but it will be more like snippets of our ordinary life happening. I want to atleast try it out for a while and see how it goes.

Are you guys good with that? Yes? No? Don’t care? Would love your feedback in any case. Tell me what you want to read here more and I promise to try and make it happen. Tell me if you are interested in seeing some day-to-day stuff with a splash of pinterest-worthy inspiration every now and then? Some simple recipes maybe? Some quick meals put together with ready made stuff? Some dialogues with my kids? Some life hacks as a busy mum and homemaker? Some general life rants?

I thought I would start a series of Random Talks today where I would share some everyday ordinary moments in the format of a photo and a caption or story for it. Lets do this for now then. Ready?

A new house plant cause it was time. Hope you will have a good life in our home buddy, please don’t die on me.

From the ‘Grandparents and Special Friends Day’ at Hamza’s school. I went as his ‘Special Friend’ and he was ecstatic about it🤩. We spent sometime in his class first where he did his favourite classroom activities with me, taught me how to play hangman and another cards game, spelled out some words for me, it was the sweetest thing ever. He was in complete control to show me whatever he wants and he THRIVED on it! We then ventured out to the playgrouds and benches to have lunch together. I then treated him to a canteen-visit and he chose popcorn 🍿 as his treat. He then held my hand in his, and took me on a very special tour of the school grounds and buildings. Keeping extreme care to tell me all the rules not missing one bit(!), where its allowed for ‘preppies’ (as he calls himself and his friends😭☺️) to go alone, where it is allowed for them to go but only with parents or an elder. Introduced me to the solid concept of ‘yard duty’. Told me the different meanings signified by the different bells at intervals. He then related to me a secret that after he is done with lunch and if he doesnt wanna play with his friends, he just goes by a walk around the school grounds by himself which he said is “i knw a very boring thing to do but its not boring to me mama’ 😱😍😇 i felt like ‘who is this special boy?! Did i raise him? When did he become such a responsible and independant school-goer?” It really felt very special to spend that time with him at school and clearly he loved it more. He didnt want me to go back , always wanting to show ‘one more thing 😬’.

33964489_10209022425517542_18311859354468352_nCause ’tis the season of Pakoras 😀 Ramadan is the time we like to indulge in these deep-fried goodness (chickpea flour batter loaded with spices, coating lots of veggies). Does anyone want a recipe? I have shared my method in my instagram stories and you can see it the highlights.

I love the character of this room in every light, from every angle 🙂

33875353_10209022420197409_3650890770476433408_nSchool and kindy lunches that don’t come back as empty as I would want them to be. Whats the situation at your house?

33811067_10209022421477441_1140933610933583872_nCake, flowers and chaye mug from friends. Things that make me happy.

33898016_10209022424277511_1272525572022468608_nDreamy afternoon light on our neighbor park run.

33835348_10209022427957603_2120846973794779136_nRamadan Kareem Banner. We spruced up our house a bit for this holy month. I will share more in a separate post.


Rotisserie chicken turned into tandoori chicken cheese spread, to be filled in dinner rolls, to freeze away for school lunches on rushed mornings. I also made some spicy chicken toppings for pizzas out of this. Meal prep 101.

33876454_10209022427157583_3874972550182207488_nPost rain patio.

34063323_10209022422917477_505528091804696576_nSome flowers for you at the end of the post and wishing you all a fantastic day.

Let me know what you think of this post. Cheers 🙂

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  1. Sumaira says:

    I love to read your blogs. Extremely impressive and full of life. A story of well organized mother and wife. I am really impressed the way you are managing all things and you are good inspiration for others. Keep writing .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abeer says:

      You are so sweet! Lots of love. Xx


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