This Season of Motherhood.


This season of life. This season of motherhood. This season of being forever-on-the-go. This season of getting sloppy toddler kisses all over the face, all day long. This season of on-the-loop school pickups, dropoffs, packing lunches and washing uniforms. This season of getting rainbow 🌈 love hearts πŸ’• from a 5 year old everyday. This season of making big batches of comfort food and then eating it all through the week. This season of winging it with quick pizzas and sandwiches for dinner many nights. This season of being forever low-on-petrol. This season of making beautiful, precious memories with friends. This season of heartbreak and struggles. This season of having two kids in different institutions with clashing timetables to make Mama go round-and-round. This season of learning to read and write (for hamza). This season of new friendships and experiences (for azaan). This season of being tucked inside with warm layers and fluffy slippers. This season of surprising myself with handling much more than i ever imagined i could. This season of slowing down and early night-ins. This season of finding peace and looking forward 🀞

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  1. Mariam Huzaifa says:

    Hi, just checked you blog. I must say very impressive. I’m glad you found me. 😊 Now, we can connect.

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