Our travels to Tasmania (Part I)


April has gone by so fast and yet our family has managed to pack away so many sweet memories in these past short weeks. We took a trip to the Tasmanian Islands during the second half of the Easter break. I turned 31 and Azaan turned 3 while we were away. Two family birthday celebrations and a week of travel did us all real good. We arrived back in Melbourne, relaxed, recharged and brimming with happy times spent together. I took my sweet time to ease back into the daily school and housework routine. Somehow, having been to far away distant lands puts a whole new perspective to everyday life. Little things don’t seem to matter any more. Daily chores can seem too petty and inconsequential. And you start looking at life with a renewed vision, focusing on your inner peace and happiness, prioritizing and letting go. And thats what travel is about, to me.

Exactly what I have been doing these past few weeks and loving the change that going slow and just living in the moment brings. Have made a few changes to my lifestyle as well but thats a post for another day.

Today I wanted to share some photos I took while we were in Hobart. I deliberately didn’t get to it earlier than this, as thinking about those times made me wish to be there once again. Vacation withdrawal, if you may. But today I felt really content with where I am, so I thought would be a good time to reminisce on that joyous period.

If I have to describe Hobart in one word, it would be CHARMING. I chose that destination after a lot of thought and going through many options. Since we are lucky enough to be living in a state that is blessed with such varied natural beauty, ranging from mountains, national parks and enigmatic dense forests to the most stunning beaches, coastlines and views, all within an hour drive; I wanted to go somewhere that offered a little bit different experience to what is already accessible to us in Victoria.

The small city of Hobart is the second oldest in Australia and is marked by charming old heritage buildings, preserved convict places, beautiful waterfront, cobbled laneways and sandstone houses. I just fell in love with the town as we were driving into it from the airport. Its small but has got so much character, so much history, so much class! ( i found the locals to be particularly classy, quirky and stylish)

Here is a link to our travel video that I am compiled.

We had booked a comfortable and practical hotel apartment overlooking the fashionable Salamanca Place and we felt right at home at once. It was a lovely place to stay location wise as well as it was right at the centre of it all.

One of the things that helped us the most during the trip was hiring a rental car after our first day there. I had originally planned against it but I am so thankful husband had the presence of mind to do it cause i don’t think we would have seen as many places as we did, or we would have been as comfortable and as mobile as we were on our own terms. I think its really important when you travel with kids to have such options available to you for a fuss-free time. Our travel experience was greatly enhanced due to this, and we were able to do a lot and not feel frazzled at the same time.

I took so many photos of course that it would be hard to share them all in one post. So i am going to split it into two parts. And starting backwards, I am first sharing photos of our last two days there when we visited MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) and Port Arthur Historic (Convict) Site.

I should say here that one of our best experiences in Hobart was visiting MONA. I wouldn’t even try to explain what it was cause i know i would’t be able to do justice to it. The art there was so bold, bizarre, awesome, cool and so amazing and weird. I didn’t even try to capture it. Have never seen any museum like it before, they rightly call it “the adult disneyland”. It was strange to think that in the second oldest city in Australia, there was this place so far ahead of itself in time and ideas. I only wish it was situated here in Melbourne rather than so far away.



The bigger chunk of our photos, I will share next time. Hope you guys enjoyed this. See ya!



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