Life these days.


Right now, its 630PM (when I first wrote the unfinished version of this). And both the kids are huddled together on the couch engrossed in a game together, cheering each other on and taking turns and having the sweetest moment. I m gonna cherish it much as just an hour ago, i had to play the referee in a very brutal encounter among the two, while handling my saalan (curry) at a very critical point. And now the dinner is cooked, the table is set and we are lazying around in this last half hour before dinner.

Its also the first time i have sat down with a moment to spare since my alarm woke me up at 7AM in the morning. The juggle of it all is really overwhelming at times!

I am looking forward to tomorrow when I would be able to drop both the kids (school and daycare) and then have some hours to myself. How precious are those hours to a mother who is forever weighed down by housework, and who is always trying to strike some kind of balance between work and play and discipline, sometimes at the expense of her own sanity. So a couple of days a week, when i am all by myself, I do whatever makes me happy, restores my sanity and energies to face the juggle again, come evening. Zero guilt involved!

I have been so out of touch with the professional/techinical side of me all these years since the kids, that now that I am trying to study up some things to re-join the workforce maybe, and it seems like a totally different (and dull, might i add) world!

I am so glad I gave myself the break and was part of the kids babyhood and toddlerhood to the maximum. Secretly wishing that i could stay in that wonderful phase forever surrounded by babies but then real life shows up and smacks me right in the face.

So here is to library study sessions, i had forgotten how much i enjoyed the nerdy-phase, and also to lone city wanderings, catching the train at a whim, and spending the whole day on roads untravelled.

[The photos are from a past lazy weekend morning, and unrelated but ever-so-sweet.]1I6A60981I6A60961I6A61081I6A60911I6A61041I6A6100

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