Here’s to a Joyous 2018!


Thankyou 2017 for being so wonderful, full of adventures and happy times for our family! Alhamdullilah. Australia 🇦🇺 you have been AMAZING. Last year has taught me sooo much about myself. I have experimented alot! I have tried all the different experiences i could think of! I have tried new people and new relationships. I have done part time studies, started my own venture, did part time job, full time mommy and all things that come with managing a house n family. I have given it ALL i had. Not just to work n family, but to myself as well for which i am truly glad. But after doing LIFE at super-fast rate, multitasking various projects and social commitments and family acitivities, i have decided that all i want in 2018 is to slow down a bit and just be more present with these guys. Less planning, more being in the moment. Less commitments and more relaxing. Gotta make my health a priority. We have done the exploring, we have made the connections. Now its time to get more stable in this new country and establish our feet. I am also coming to terms with thr fact that when you are responsible for so much already in your life, certain passions have to be at the backend at times for you to be present with your family. Cause i knw this now that at the end, NOTHING gives me more happiness than this little family of mine. So glad to be entering the new year with this clarity of mind and what i want for myself in the coming times. Choosing self-care and joy! Cheers!

Wishing all of my readers a year full of hope and happy times! A year of dreams and goals. Stability and surprises. Love you all.1I6A3552

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