Our Boho-Modern Outdoor Space

I love rummaging through markets for unusual fabrics, and I can’t pass a vintage shop or thrift store without popping in. I love discovering dated, classic furniture pieces on neighborhood front yards waiting to be rescued and touched up for a new home. I get sad when I can’t bring those pieces home and revive them with some care. I love browsing home stores and warehouses, contemplating and imagining my next find.

I love filling my home with intriguing pieces from different eras and cultures, mix and match colors and patterns. (See my living room photos here) I don’t want to be restricted in my decor style, either by color or theme or times. I carved a Boho-Modern, vintage inspired look for my home thats is so achievable cause anything goes — from antique to retro to recycled and restored. The Bazaar-style look.

This Bazaar style appeals to me cause its the antidote to latest interior trends and the must-have colors. As a person, with each passing day, I am growing into such a free spirit that I can’t be confined by such rules (its amazing how much a cross-country move opens your mind, broadens your perspective, makes the priorities clear). Bazaar style allows me to set my imagination free, mixing furniture and fabrics from across the decades. Pieces inherited from the grandmother can be cherished alongside something picked up on a weekend getaway. Nothing is off-limits, except the boring things that just don’t spark the joy when you look at them 😉

The Bazaar look cannot be bought on one shopping trip. It grows organically over the years, with finds gathered from different sources. Its about celebrating the beauty of our everyday objects, and embracing color whole-heartedly! This kind of look doesn’t need to cost much and it isn’t hard to achieve once you know how to have fun with it and follow your instincts.

In this post, I am sharing photos of our outdoor deck setting in the backyard. When I first looked at this house, this deck became my most favorite part of it. And I started dreaming of the day when I could fill it with some colorful and interesting pieces. At that time, I couldn’t wait for the summer to show up so I could invite a bunch of people and have BBQs or just cozy family dinners in the evenings. Most of the pieces that you see in the photos are permanently placed outdoor but some chairs and other things I have brought out from my indoor setup as I do normally whenever is needed to have more sitting space etc. I chose the cane black and blue chair keeping this point in mind that i would use it for outdoor and indoor both. They are so light weight and easy to handle, and brighten up the space with their funkiness.

The best thing for me about this setting is the stunning views around the deck of our neighborhood. We also get regular visits from some cockatoos  and other birds everyday, morning and evening, they seem to have established our deck as their personal cafe and dinner spot. I am often feeding my own boys and those birds around the same time and it just fills my heart. If I am a bit absent-minded and forget to notice their presence, those cockatoos are not far from perching right on my kitchen window and tapping it with their beaks till i get some food out for them, haha. I love them.

Let me know what you think of our outdoor space. Too much color? Too random? Or too fun n funky? Please be nice. 🙂1I6A31301I6A31061I6A31001I6A31051I6A31261I6A30981I6A31321I6A31821I6A31721I6A31701I6A31441I6A31461I6A31611I6A31771I6A31761I6A31751I6A31731I6A31831I6A31861I6A31901I6A31951I6A32191I6A32171I6A32141I6A31991I6A31471I6A32261I6A32311I6A32221I6A3221


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