The busy mother

Being a mother is a tough gig. But being a mother in a foreign land is impossibly hard at times. You are not just responsible for your kids, but every single aspect of ‘living ‘imaginable has to be done manually by you. Scrub the toilet, wash the car, fix the broken light, make lunches n dinner, get groceries, arrange playdates and other activities for kids, clean the house, do the dishes and laundry etc etc etc. The work of a family home never truly ends. If incidently, you also choose not to goto work and stay home with kids, you will know the unimaginable hardwork that is required to keep the wheels of life rolling. If you also dont have any kind of help, and you are looking after your kids and home fulltime, you are my hero worthy of the utmost respect and appreciation. Cause i know how hard it is, specially with younger children, who will not give you an inch of personal space. And the pressures of being a good parent who raises a decent human and not some neglected child, falls solely on you as well since the child doesnt go anywhere on a daily basis to learn that stuff. It is hard to find the balance between dropping the vacuum and picking up the book to read to your child. To look past the mess and be there with the child instead of going for the Nanny TV. To opt for the harder way so the child learns some independence and values instead of shoving and patronizing them all the time. Oh God, its exhausting when you are responsible for so much but still possible. I learn so much from the local mothers around me, some of whom have even 5 kids. I find their attitude to life and kids really mature and refreshing, which i hadnt seen before. I struggle to let go of some of my old time habits and ideals and be more like them in ways that i find so endearing and helpful. Cause i feel the weight of this ‘job’ : to raise good humans is so pressing and serious that all other aspects of life pale in comparison. I just hope i dont do so bad at it at the end, i hope i am giving it all i got.

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