Happy Friday!


Happy Friday readers !

On Fridays, i like to wind down at home after a buzzing week of activities. And today I am so thankful that I havent got much going on, cause after a very busy and hectic past 5 or 6 weeks, i am just craving a major lazy time at home with the boys.

On Fridays, one of my to-do chores is to tend to my houseplants. Which to be honest, sometimes on friday mornings feels like just an additional work to do, a task to check off, but as soon as i start collecting my various friends from around the house to put them in the sink or on the deck, i start getting back that feeling of being grounded and peacefulness that comes from tending to these beautiful pieces of nature. I am a nurturer by nature, and i am glad i have surrounded myself with little friends to take care of cause i really need that for myself.

I woke up today with blocked nose and fever, right now sipping on herbal tea while sitting in the sun as the boys play on their swing. Fixing little things around the house while doing numerous trips to the toilet with Az (hello potty training!), a load of washing is on, and dinner prep started. Just a typical mommy day with kids happening over here.

Really looking forward to the weekend, as I am finally done with my first semester of Commercial Cooking, and now have a 2 months plus break before the next one begins. I cant tell you how good that feels to get my Saturdays back. Although i do enjoy what i am doing there, but I sacrificed alot of family too. As soon as the husband would be home for the weekend, i would dump the kids on him and take off for the whole day, come back super exhausted, and always rushing between doing too many things on Sunday. So even though it wasnt ideal, we made it work cause i chose to do it part time rather than spend a hefty amount of childcare and do it during the week.

No big plans for the weekend, except a BBQ in the park with Hamza’s kinder families. I plan to start scouring the weekend markets as a regular thing so thats on the agenda.

Pushing myself to do a recipe post on the blog today as well. So keep watching if you wanna see a beautiful but very simple salmon dish.

Have a happy weekend loves. Xx

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