Familia in Town!

Hello lovely people, I know I have done a disappearing act from the blog this month. But if you knew how many things I am juggling in life these days, you would totally understand.

My parents are visiting us in Melbourne from Pakistan and most of my time is occupied arround them. They are only here for a short amount of time so I wanted to make most of it. They are leaving next week, and in my efforts to keep emtions at bay, I am thinking of a number of house projects to start soon. The planning phase is the most exciting for me, so thats where I am redirecting all the leftover physical and emotional strength. šŸ™‚

Ahhh… isn’t having grandparents around just the best thing! The boys are having a ball everyday, manipulating Nano and Baba to succumb to each of their wishes, sharing stories and beds at night staying up many hours past their bedtime. Just the best times!

We have been soo busy in showing the parents around the city, taking a weekend trip, and lots of friends and family get togethers. The last four weeks just went by so quickly!

I knew that it wasnt going to be a long time for us together so i made sure we were out pretty much everyday, take each day as an adventure, getting tired to the last bone, but making it work! šŸ˜‰

Just quickly gonna put together some random photos with family down here. And promising myself to be back here with more stuff soon. Xx

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