Our Bohemian Modern Living Room!


Hi guys! Since a long time I have been meaning to share some detailed photos of our home, starting with the living room. But the obnoxious perfectionist in me always keeps throwing new ideas to implement and they look so good in my head that i hesitate to share it in its current state. But you know what … no home can ever be truly done, and I believe that one’s sense of interior design and decor style keeps evolving, and that is what keeps things interesting. After all, change is the only constant in life, isn’t it?

And so therefore, even though I have to do a couple of small updates really soon to this room, and i have a couple of elaborate DIY projects planned for the coming months, but even right now, this room looks done to me and it makes me happy to be among its lively colors. So today, I am going to share some photos of this space.

After almost 7 years of living independently in 3 different countries and 4 different homes, I finally got the house of my dreams with this one. Its natural hardwood floors, big wall-to-ceiling windows, old cottage characteristics, surrounded by so much greenery on all sides, fruit trees and a barn in the backyard, and a cozy wooden deck, are some of the things that made me fall in love with it at first sight. Ofcourse, its not without its fault, and the size of it makes it very high maintenance, a price me and the husband have to pay on a daily basis to keep it in an acceptable condition against all odds of our hyper boys wrecking havoc every minute.

The decor part of it became clear to me as soon as I identified in my mind about my style. I have always been attracted to color and pattern with a little bit of dishevel when it comes to decor. Warm, cozy, funky, comfortable are some of the terms that i relate to. Extremely modern pieces don’t speak to me at all. I gravitate towards vintage-inspired, worn down pieces with lots of character.

After a few years of being confused, I have now come to realize with utmost conviction that my decor style is a mix of Bohemian Modern and Mid-century Modern. A Bohemian Modern home is defined by a wild mix of colors and pattern, brought to life by vibrant rugs and fabrics, wicker chairs, knitted throws, and a jungle of house plants — clustered in pots, adorning surfaces on different levels, dangling from the ceiling and even growing on the walls.

My living room certainly gives more than a nod to this style of decor with its bright shots of color, a mix of patterns, rugs, textiles and the collection of indoor greens adorning its every corner. This style speaks to me so much as it allows me to be a free spirit and not confined by the rules, instead it lets me make my own. Innovation, creativity, DIY and unconventional use of items is the backbone of this style which brings it to life.

Have a look at the photos, would love to hear what you guys think. I am meaning to add a few more lamps so I absolutely don’t have to turn on the harsh ceiling lights at night.  A DIY planter above my favorite Yellow Chair. And some vintage inspired wall art above my the patterned wicker chairs. 1I6A15451I6A15481I6A15501I6A14971I6A14871I6A14781I6A14721I6A14651I6A14601I6A14571I6A15081I6A15121I6A15151I6A77501I6A15421I6A15331I6A15371I6A15181I6A15211I6A15551I6A15561I6A15591I6A15641I6A15661I6A15711I6A15771I6A15801I6A15831I6A15901I6A16001I6A16021I6A16111I6A1608The room gets really beautiful, golden light early in the morning but unfortunately i could only take these photos in the afternoon. But i do have a few photos from a couple of months ago from early morning that i m posting below.1I6A77181I6A76991I6A7696Beautiful flowers from a friend, also old photos.1I6A83651I6A84161I6A8418

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  1. kiranafzal says:

    The living room looks beautiful – it’s vibrant, and comforting and so colorful. Would love to visit you here!
    I especially love the colors and patterns used in the chairs and couch.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abeer says:

      hey thank you so much kiran 🙂 you are welcome anytime dear 🙂


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