Imaginative Play. Spring Cleaning. Bits n pieces.


With the weather changed, the kids are playing outside a lot more which is always good. They hang around the front yard for a while in the mornings, where hamza rides his skooter and Azaan watches out for monsters (and bird potty). And when they get bored from that, i guide them to the backyard where they would play with their trucks on the deck or fill the watering can and water the trees, or just play with sticks/pretend swords. They are at such a sweet age, where they keep each other good company, being best friends and partners and goofing around together. Ofcourse they end up fighting over the same things a lot too. But I have noticed that if they are outside, playing in nature, not constrained by walls, they get along so much better. And then there is our park just a few houses away, and if i don’t chase them there, they will not care one bit and race each other down.

Ofcourse with this constant switch between inside/outside play comes muddy hands, dirt filled entrance room, shoes filled with bark and pines and smudged faces. I try my best to see the joy in it and not the inconvenience, to see the imaginative play and not the mundane chores. Its a struggle and I am trying everyday. If the boys are as happy making messes in the backyard, as they are sitting neatly in front of the tv, I know which one i should be encouraging more. With the clocks winded for daylight saving (which btw always takes me by surprise and leaves me confused the first day until i figure out what has happened), we still have sunlight way past 7 and its only going to get longer from here. Summer, I am so excited for you!

We have finally got around to buying a lawn mower and when Daddy comes back from office and on weekends, all the boys are back in the yard, doing their thing. I have also bought a kids version of the lawn mower and i am waiting for a good (or bad) time to bust it out and surprise the kids. Summer BBQs and friends and family sprawled all around the backyard? looks like we are getting close to making that happen soon. 🙂

In other news, my little AZ is obsessed with dinosaurs, i couldn’t believe when i heard him naming the different kinds (Mama, this is T-REX!) as that topic has never come up before me, but i guess when there is true love, things happen on they own 😉 So i got him a few new dino friends this week to add to his collection. He doesn’t go anywhere without them, and keeps counting to check if all 5 of the new ones are there.

Hamza on the other hand, has been talking about halloween since last month now, i don’t know where he picked it up from thats it coming soon, and has even been having halloween dreams every night, not the scary ones but the very exciting ones with the skull n bones fellow, so when i spotted one at the mall, i had to grab it for him. He has a new creepy friend these days who sleeps with him at night as well.

Spring has truly arrived in Melbourne and with in comes the natural urge to pack away the heavier coats and woolens and make room in the closets for some light and airy pieces. Calls for donation for household items and clothes also came just at the right time  for me to take one room a day, strip its closets out and make 3 different stacks : one to put away or rearrange, one to donate and the other goes back in the closet. The joy at finding some long lost, cherished pieces hidden beneath the heavier layers or stuck at the back, made frequent appearance throughout the process. And i just love the feeling of a refreshed closet with fluffed up clothes having enough room to breathe and not crammed annoyingly into each other. I do love the house where we live so much, but i am not oblivious to its faults. And one of which is that it doesn’t come with the greatest closet space. I have had to be very creative and come up with a few different solutions to make it work, specially when in Melbourne, you can still need warmer layers anytime it rains, and its gets too hot to not have a good enough stack of lighter layers. You gotta have it all accessible, at all times, and that was a little bit of challenge. But nothing that a few stacked up crates, a number of baskets, and some vertical organizing shelfs couldn’t handle. We also have a small dresser in each room to make up for the less space in closets. Order is somewhat restored for the next few months.

Next in line is kitchen pantry and shelves. And the guest room needs the final touches as we are about to welcome our first visitors Inshallah very soon! You guys.. I am so excited my parents are coming to visit us and I couldn’t be happier at this news! Nothing like family, eh? The boys are over the moon too, and the countdown has officially begun with them counting it wrong every time.

I have been meaning to do a house tour of some sort here on the blog, for so long now, I have even got the photos ready but then i feel as if its still not done as i want so i don’t post it. Maybe one of these days soon.

Some of you are so sweet to request some specific posts, i really want to get around to writing more often but somehow crazy life gets in the way. But do please drop by and say hi or whatever cause i really love talking to you guys.

I haven’t been reading much lately and i am on a mission to change that today. Heading to the library later. I miss that  bookworm side of me that was always engrossed in one book and a stash of others at hand for later. Gotta get that mojo back. Talk to you guys later. xx







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