Grub Food Van :: Cafe in a greenhouse


Me and cafes are a thing. I am happy to just sit in a cafe and watch people come and go, observe what they order, figure out if they are on a daily ritual or a special retreat, how they interact with their friends and family, drink in the cafe surroundings and interiors, the sweet treats on offer, the chirpy servers.

You find the most amazing things about people when you just take the time to look. Its fascinating what people do.

My perfect morning is definitely along the lines of sitting in a vibrant cafe, sometimes exploring a new one, other times going back to a comfy old spot, sipping coffee and enjoying a hearty meal. A book or an interesting friend on the side would be nice, but i don’t always require even those companions. Happy to be on my own without distractions and just take everything in. Mom of two loud and rowdy boys over here, I can’t be blamed for craving some alone-time.

And I give myself just that every now and then. A cafe-date on my own which leaves me inspired and refreshed. And becomes a sweet memory to ponder on later.

On one such cafe-adventure, I discovered Grub Food Van. A greenhouse-turned-foodvan-turned-cafe. With topical and whimsical interiors done unapologetically bright, it had me nodding in approval within 2 seconds. The place is filled with hanging planters and all kinds of indoor greens, bohemian rugs, crude wall graffiti, warehouse furniture, picnic tables, and endless color in everything! It really was the cafe of my dreams.

The food… omg the food! Even beats the decor if thats possible. I ordered their MUSHROOMS with walnuts, parmesan & truffle cream, potato gratin and pine needle powder. I don’t recall ever having anything that was purely vegetarian taste as good as it did! It was just exquisite. I was also eyeing all the beautiful bowls and plates of food that were coming out of the kitchen and everything looked stunning.

Located in the centre of Fitzroy, this vibrant spot fit right in with its crude and colorful surroundings. My only regret, not living close enough to the place to make it my daily cafe. But I would happily settle for a Sunday brunch every once in a while. =)1I6A86951I6A86911I6A86991I6A86901I6A86871I6A86711I6A86661I6A86641I6A86761I6A86591I6A86521I6A86611I6A86931I6A87031I6A86471I6A86451I6A86401I6A86431I6A86361I6A86801I6A8682



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