Spring Break in the Grampians


Last weekend, our family packed up the car and drove up to the Grampians to spend a few days among  countryside and nature. We went hiking, we saw waterfalls and some breathtaking views, we met some kangaroos, we did some BBQ, we roasted s’mores, we explored new towns. In short, we had a lovely time breathing in the fresh country air and just being in each other’s company without the hustle bustle of daily chores.

The Grampians National Park is spectacularly beautiful, offering a number of hikes and walking trails. Ranging from a gentle stroll to a full day adventure. As we went with kids, we weren’t sure how much the kids would cooperate and how far we will be able to go on each one. But both the boys made us real proud and were such good sports during all our hiking adventures, with rare meltdowns and tantrums. We never pushed our luck and planned our days in this way, that we would set off for one hike after breakfast, do a couple of hours of outdoor, then drive to a nearby town. The boys would often nap during the drive, we would have some lunch, then head back to our resort for a quick break or just straight to our next adventure planned. It gave us enough time between the two activities for the day, and the boys would always love being out in the nature climbing mountains, discovering new plants and just telling stories and rhymes on the way. We would then head to the resort and do dinner and bedtime.

We stayed at Big4 Grampians Parkgate Resort, which is a lovely spot located in the foothills of picturesque Grampians National Park, in the town centre of Halls Gap, just a short drive away from the must-see attractions. The resort is also a spot for caravans and campers and was filled with dozens of them. It felt really cozy surrounded by so many families and kids, each doing their own thing, and just enjoying the simple life. We booked an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and were really comfortable there. All through the weekend, there were planned activities for the kids like Animal Visits and movie screenings etc. The facilities include games room, huge jumping pillow, tennis courts, swimming pools, playground and fire pit.

Our drive unto the Grampians was filled with acres of deep lush yellow fields of mustard, a sight I am still not over. It would toggle between those yellow fields and cattle farms, and the cloudscape would keep changing to keep our views fresh and magical.

One of the best things about road trips is that you can dump everything in the car, as opposed to a limited lung agebag during air travel. It gives me so much room to breathe and plan easily and not be overwhelmed by it. With the kind of weather is Victoria which toggles between two extremes in the span of a few hours, you really can’t take chances with it and just have to be prepared for all sorts. The boys arrived their in shorts and soon had their puffer jackets on.

We mostly brought and cooked our own food and would sometimes lunch at a nearby town. For breakfasts, we baked croissants. We brought an unbaked frozen lasagna which served us dinner on a couple of nights. And one night, we grilled sausages and rolls on an outdoor bbq just behind our apartment. We also had a supply of instant soups and noodles and hummus and crackers and fruit. It felt really easy and comfy as our kids  eat better at home as opposed to eating out. It was obviously more budget-friendly too. I highly recommend getting a place with a fully equipped kitchen and doing your own food mostly on a trip instead of relying on restaurants for every meal. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, just something that can be whipped up with minimal efforts. You end up saving time and money and peace of mind too.

My kids are still talking about the mountains and the fire and all things we did and asking about going back. I am so glad we had such a lovely time and made some beautiful memories.1I6A93041I6A93381I6A93331I6A93141I6A93771I6A93781I6A93811I6A93971I6A94001I6A94051I6A94161I6A94231I6A94251I6A94371I6A94421I6A94501I6A94631I6A94651I6A94671I6A94851I6A94891I6A95061I6A95091I6A95211I6A96911I6A9686







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  1. Mapule says:

    Beautiful post. I love road trips too. I feel they give me and hubby time to bond and enjoy wonderful conversations

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abeer says:

      thank you. i think road trips are really important to wind down and spend time with each other in a completely casual way without distractions.


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