Family Photos with Chamak & More !

Hey guys! So excited to share some photos of our family taken as a photoshoot collaboration with Chamak & More. Its strange that although I am snapping away our life all the time, but when it comes to having photos with all four of us in them, we don’t have as many as I would like. So when the opportunity presented itself to work with Sundus Khan on this, I was all in!

Although we had never met before, but when she came over to our place on the day of the shoot, we were all so comfortable with each other at once, which felt really nice. I think its really important to have a friendly and comfy vibe with your photographer, and it goes both ways, when the photographer doesn’t treat you like an object and you don’t treat the photographer as a service you have hired. Mutual understanding, respect and care goes a long way in this process, and that really shines through in the quality of the photos at the end. Plus, being comfortable in your own skin first, and then just going about naturally for the photos, is also very important.21706875_842413039270047_863901393_o21706742_842372959274055_1839531809_o21769349_842340705943947_1591301408_o21845740_842755695902448_959220525_o21845652_842763185901699_173360218_o21845416_842396115938406_601758371_o21844289_842432675934750_1254286843_o21769437_842359335942084_1616790878_o21706007_842346099276741_1481635505_o21769478_842500189261332_1149620421_o21769479_842380179273333_231289096_o21843925_842453965932621_652295224_o21706884_842466142598070_1615615433_o21706573_842386045939413_859750283_oIMG_3280

Sundus suggested coming over and doing the first set of photos at home and then we could have one outdoor location of our choice for the next part of photos. I loved the idea. We adore our humble, cottage-style home that we have set up in the past few months, and I knew the kids would be comfortable here and would get into the groove of the session if we start snapping in our living room with their toys and books around us. We took our time with these photos, and got some really good ones in our home setting and outside in our shady front yard as well. All of us, also hopped on my mint-green bike and posed for one of my favorite photos of the shoot. 🙂21844150_842396175938400_1320088015_o21706593_842398099271541_232274559_o

I am a city girl at heart! The Cosmopolitan vibe, the culture, the architecture, the laneways, the busy-ness of it all, has me hooked to it like a kid to a candy store. Some city post here, here and here. When we were discussing possible locations for the photoshoot, i knew at once where I want the photos taken. I was pretty sure that this is the girl who can turn my dream of family-photos-in-the-city into a reality! And she did it brilliantly!
Also i think my last minute decision to go with the yellow dress doesnt hurt the picture and the cityscape at all. 😉 So happy with the photos the way they have turned out. It was a complete gamble to head to the city centre with kids, and I feel grateful to Sundus for going along with the idea and executing it so well!IMG_354421886819_842429612601723_1268521480_o21908444_844053092439375_2123753857_o21845790_842451505932867_533210575_o21845507_842343922610292_639912593_o21845654_842489852595699_1978014193_o21845308_842487239262627_326442627_o21844337_842487269262624_1295718657_o21844285_842678352576849_1152792263_o21844129_842481175929900_424986966_o21844114_842496852594999_1180952959_o21706847_842343069277044_1263962317_o21706741_842493579261993_1812521222_o21706620_842357599275591_660917365_oIMG_3199
 Sundus Khan, thankyou so much for these special photos that I will forever hold so close to my heart. ❤️ Guys, check out her Facebook and instagram and follow along to see her gorgeous work. 

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  1. Hira says:

    Really lovely pics!

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  2. ikkeera says:

    Lovely photos.


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