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“The Australian cafe is a thing, and Melbourne has the best in the world.”

To say that the coffee culture in Melbourne is huge would be an understatement. Here, coffee simply is the king. And I am on a personal journey to check out as many of these beautiful spots as possible. Melbourne cafes have me hooked and  enthralled and dazed in their charm. My food dream is to own a neighborhood cafe in future, and these days whenever I get the chance I am found lurking among some new cafe, noticing the norms, the differences, the cafe-goers, the workers, the ambience, the aroma.

I should state here that I am fairly new to this culture and I know close to nothing, yet I am keen to learn n adapt. And this post is no way an insight into the Melbourne cafe culture (which is so much more diverse and advanced), but simply the sharing of my views as I go on this journey to discover.

I shouldn’t be sitting here writing this post when I have a ton of photo-editting work piled up, both for a photoshoot and also for the restaurant I am working with.And also, when I have to finish an assignment for school, read up the food-handling safety document, and catch up on the coming week’s lecture and recipes. And also, when I have to plan the menu and grocery list for a lunch at my place this weekend. Not a very busy person I am these days 😉

But just for a moment, I want to pause on all those buzzing tasks and show you guys some photos of a charming, rustic cafe I found yesterday in the city hidden among the narrow laneways of CBD, just off Little Bourke Street. When I saw the brick-walled street it was located on, I was reminded of the hidden streets of Venice. The European vibe was strong here as is also among many other parts of the city centre. I took my sweet time strolling that street and taking in all the crude details that I find so beautiful.

I had read about it among the top cafes in the city and wanted to see for myself the printing press warehouse converted to a cafe serving the perfectly crafted speciality coffee. I adored the bright and raw interiors. It was industrial, rustic, yet soft and cozy. Heavy set wooden tables were paired with scrap yard chairs. Big, low hung lamps and colorful graffiti on the walls added perfectly to the ambience.

My date on this impromptu coffee adventure was a certain 2 year old handsome, whose alone company I am enjoying so much these days. This place is known for its bagels but i was already full from lunch so I couldn’t try one. But thats why I have to go back again, because hello… bagels!! Also, bagels served with a side of pretzel chips! what more could you ask from life.1I6A81611I6A81651I6A81701I6A81681I6A81831I6A81891I6A81711I6A81901I6A81821I6A81761I6A81791I6A81861I6A81871I6A81721I6A81911I6A81931I6A81661I6A8158



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  1. Nashrah says:

    Just discovered your blog and I love it!


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