SIX months in Melbourne :: Life Updates


Today marks six months to the day when I arrived in Melbourne late one night after tackling the seemingly heroic feat of such a long flight alone with the boys. So my trail of thoughts went back to all that happened within these last few months and I felt like writing a blog on it.

Although its been only 6 months, it feels much longer. As so much has happened in this short time, and mostly good things thankfully. Yes there were bumps along the road too, many a doubtful moments too. They were all part of the settling in and learning phase, which is still going on, and I am going to give it another year or so to let these initial shocks subside. But NEVER did I doubt or question the move or us coming here. There is nothing of which I am more certain of, than this fact that we were meant to be here and this is where I see our future hopefully. Its a beautiful city to live in, and I am just so grateful that we get to call it home. They say its the Most Livable City of the world, who am I to find faults with it then.

When we arrived, we lived in the city for about 6 weeks. Those were the good summer days when I played tourist and was out and about everyday in the new city with the kids, fearing nothing and embracing everything. (Have a bit of a love affair with the city, and I am thankful for an opportunity that lets me be a part of it and roam its streets like a local every few days.)

We then moved to the suburbs, closer to husband’s workplace and got busy in setting up our place, finding a kinder, playgroup, sports and other activities for the boys. We settled in pretty quickly physically, as in a few short months our drive way and porch painted the picture of a full family home with a couple of cars, a few bikes and other outdoor stuff that comes with a house with kids and all the comings and goings. Those are the scenes that make me happy and content.

We celebrated a couple of birthdays (mine and Azaan’s) the first month we moved to the house, so memories started compiling right then and there. And now prepping for another big one next month. Hosted friends and families for lunch and dinner a few times and the place filled with kids voices and laughter, lots of home cooked food and heart to hearts over cups of tea. Grateful to have made new friends and caught up with some old ones.

The main thing for me that happened over the last few months is that I kick started a couple of dream projects of mine. I tapped my passion for Family Photography, luckily i got a good response to my feeble efforts and I have till now done TEN photoshoots including family sessions and a couple of events. And now I am at the point where its colliding with my other passion time wise , which I am going to talk about next, so i don’t know how i feel about it. I have to pick one over the other, time constraints and all, and I don’t want to do that. Somehow, if I can only figure out a way to have more hours in a day (Hermione Granger’s Time Turner comes to my mind!), it should all work out, haha.

I talked in my last post about going back to school (part-time). I am doing Certification in Commercial Cooking and I am really loving it so far! So thats another thing thats a major part of my life now. Although taking out time to do its assignments and reading up its resources is a little bit of a challenge for me during the week with the other millions things that are always going on.

Another thing that I have taken on is handling the social media promotion for a restaurant in the inner city (Wood n’ Chimney). Its giving me an opportunity to combine my love for food and cooking and food photography and all things social media as well. So really, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass even though I am really pressed for time juggling the many balls in my hands right now. I go into the city once a week to take some photos, get to know the vibe of the place, and then I can work from home during the week, doing whatever needs to be done. Its a charming place, that serves all kinds of food specializing in Pizzas and Pastas, but their Chicken Parma is very famous too and their Burger always looks too tempting so really its an all-rounder kind of place. I will be doing a blogpost soon talking a little more in detail about this place and sharing some photos, for now you can join its Facebook and Instagram, and also follow me on Instagram where I often post about their food.

Ahh… I have really dragged this post, haven’t I? If you are still reading, I love you for that haha. I will let you go now. I ll be back soon cause I really just love writing in this comfy spot of the internet and I am sad that I don’t get to do it as often as I would like.

You take care! xxx





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  1. ofcourse we are still reading. why wouldn’t we?

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    1. Abeer says:

      Aww you are so sweet. Much thanks and love.


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