Ballarat with Friends !


Hello friends! So the school just started again this week and isn’t that a glorious thing! 😉 About time as well, i was running out of energy to plan some activity for the kids everyday.  As we didn’t go away for the winter break, we decided to do a couple of weekend trips during the time. And i made sure to take the boys to a playdate, adventure park, some kid friendly cafe or to a storytime in library everyday during the break. There is a tonn of stuff to do with kids here even in this cold, bleary weather when you cant be outdoors for long. We were spoilt for choice and grateful for that. 

I have actually got a bunch of stuff to update here but suffering from either winter blues or a special case of laziness that just doesnt seem to budge away. And so much has been going on these days and things are just getting piled up more. Not my happy place to be, thats for sure. 

So today, i am just quickly dropping by to share some photos from our weekend getaway to Ballarat with friends. As it was the weekend ending the holidays and also my last free weekend before i join part time school (more on that later), it was the perfect time to load up the car with a change of clothes and snacks, and head to the country for a couple of days with friends. 

We found Ballarat to be quite charming, preserving the olden touch, a beautiful cross between a big city and a small town. The drive up there was gorgeous as always and that part in itself soothes and refreshes me to no end. 

We visited the main attractions there like the Botanical Gardens Ballarat, Ballarat Art Gallery, Soverign Hill etc. But the most memorable part for me was the farmhouse in a little village called Beaufort, outside of Ballarat, that we rented and stayed on for the night. 

We reached there at night so it was completely dark with no light in sight for miles, at first we were scared when our car headlights shone on the thick old trees around us, and later we were amazed and aghast at seeing a sky so full of stars , a sight that none of us had seen before! It was a truly magical and mesmerising experience. 

Once being led inside by nice lady who owned the farm, we warmed ourselves by the fire and the kids ran and played together. One of the advantage of renting a house is being able to cook your own food. And that is exactly what we did for that night and breakfast the next day. The pitter patter of kids around us and chit chat sessions that happen upon the kitchen table, make for the best kind of memories among friends. Lucky to have found such people here with whome you can just be yourself and let loose your kids, haha. 

Did i mention how chilly the weather was during this trip? Oh. My. God. The first day was fine but on second day, It was windy like i have never experienced before. Somehow I will always associate Ballarat with alot of wind now in my head, haha. 

 Big weekend ahead for me, i wish i could say i am fully prepared but i am not. Nursing a sick baby over here and i still need to buy some stuff for school. How have I become procrastinating queen this time of the year, i ll never know. 

You guys see some photos, i will be back soon. Xx

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