Day trip to Daylesford


Sharing some photos from our daytrip to Daylesford last weekend. On our drive up there, we stopped among thick, sky-high redwood forests for a while and i couldnt imagine the great Australian outdoors to be any better than that. But ofcourse, i am madly mistaken as each new place in this country invokes this feeling of grandiose and magnanimity of itself. I have stopped trying to capture the essence of it in my camera as much as i used to, as i just dont get time to absorb it all in and then wipe that awestruck expression off my face and come back to normalcy to whip out my camera and capture it. Too much of an effort when i could just sit back and take it all in with those googly eyes and agap mouth. 

Still, i captured some in my phone and i am so glad i did cause looking back at these images restored my peace and joy. 

Memories. There can never be enough of it. Forever grateful for the moments i capture and wont ever trade it for anything else. Also forever torn between capturing it and living it. Sigh. To each their own, but i feel like i get to live those times mulitple times if i capture them otherwise my mommy brain won’t remember a thing the next day. I wanted to visit The Convent Art Gallery in Daylesford and soak in the town views from its top. The Convent building, inside and out, was full of exotic and rustic charm. It had beautiful gardens around it. As we enter the building, we pass through an extremely narrow but extremly pretty cafe with turquoise walls and roof high windows. I couldnt stop eyeing its cakes and pastries as we passed through. We toured the gallery which was divided among many floors of the convent. I just fell in love with some of the modern art displayed there. Quite possibly my favourite art gallery i have visited in a while. 

After lunch, we left the Convent and drove through the little town. We also drove past the Lake Daylesford but it was so cold that we preferred to stay in the car and made a mental note to come back in summers and enjoy the lake. 

We also stopped at the Passing Clouds winery just outside Daylesford for a little while and took in the views before heading back home. Now i am prepping for a weekend getaway with friends in a couple of days before i start a new chapter of life that will have my weekends rather too occupied for such leisures. More on that soon. Xxx 

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