Life in a Family Home :: T01


There is nothing quite like waking up to a clean and organized house. When the stove has been wiped off the grease, dishwasher loaded and run, laundry folded n put away, shoes back to their racks according to the need and priority, toys back in the baskets, strewn clothes in hamper or dressers, garbage taken out. Everything fresh and new waiting for a new day. When i dont have to start from picking up the leftover work from yesterday but only focus on today and whats ahead. Cause those leftover chores take up more time and energy out of my new day than i am happy to part with. And seeing all those tasks done and out of the way energize me more to take on today’s task more spiritedly. And not feeling hogged down by the housework. Yes it was very exhausting to think about taking the garbage out at that time in that freezing night (and pick up the toys when they ll back on the floors once the kids r up the next day and etc etc) when i was totally out n done for the day, but when i wake up the next morning n see the clean fresh bin, i thank my last night’s tired self who made the effort so that my morning self can be at peace and more productive . Last night i was already tired whether i took the garbage out or not, and today i m feeling fresh but if i hav to take yesterday’s garbage out now when i m all rested (kind of, still waking up multilple times a night for azaan) it wud definitely put a damper on my mood. When you are living in an environment where there is no help, i find it helpful to be on top of housework all the time rather than let it pile up into a never ending chaos. Dont get me wrong, ofcourse my house is often in a state of disarray through the day. But you will find the peace and order restored multiple times a day and definitely before bedtime. Thats just how my mind works. I knw everyone is different and the key is that you have to know what works well for you and your household and your energy. Do that what makes you feel more in control of your family house and life. There is no set formula tht would apply to everyone. But its a must that you figure out yours and then stick to it. To have a household with positive energy and happy vibe.

Have a good day or night, in whichever part of the world you are reading this. xxx19755849_10207231239339007_1463473167_n

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