Our Eid Photos ..

Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrated earlier this week! Hope your day was filled with celebration and merriment, friends and family, food and laughter.

We had a very busy Eid ourselves starting right from the Chaand Raat (the night before the Eid Day) when i got together with a group of girlfriends to apply henna on our hands and have a little break from our boys, haha! We are lucky to have a bunch of family here in Melbourne and for a small, emerging group of friends. And so Eid day was spent in a blur of dressing up, taking mandatory family photos, preparing lunch for friends, and then visiting some more friends and family. We had a blast for sure! So grateful for all the happy memories we made.

As back home, we get atleast 3 days off for Eid (and here we get none) and it wouldn’t have looked like Eid with just one day off, therefore husband took a day off after Eid day so we could go out as a family. We took the train to the city for the first time since being in Melbourne (the boys won’t stop talking about it since then). We packed ourselves with thick layers as city is somehow chillier than other areas, also packed the double stroller with everything we would need for the day and headed out!

I am such a city girl at heart, every time i am there i feel like a kid in a candy store. I can never have enough of it and the city never fails to amaze me with something new every time. We had a gorgeous day roaming around the laneways, heading from block to block, and then we decided to stop at the museum. I hadn’t been before but had heard good things. I was actually quite surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The dinosaur section alone had me awestruck in wonder. We ll definitely be going again soon.

We had a long, hearty lunch followed by some more strolls, and stopping to chase the birds, some coffee before we took the train back home. It was a a lovely day, just the kind I enjoy the most with my family.

Some photos from the Eid Day below …



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  1. mumdiarycom says:

    Lovely pictures Abeer. Travelling to your nook of the woods tomorrow morning. I hope it is as pretty as the pictures you take.


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