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Today I am sharing a house makeover project that I recently did for my place. Nothing too exciting or dramatic. Just a simple gallery wall. But its a project that I really enjoyed doing and am very happy with the final outlook.

Since we moved to Riyadh, I have been meaning to make a gallery wall that didn’t just include our family photos. But i also didn’t wanted store-bought art and prints. I wanted a personal touch. A combination of things that sparked joy for us. A collection of photos that meant something. I wanted to include at least one special thing for each one of our family member. I started collecting prints and saving photos. I even went ahead and bought a bunch of frames. But I was never quite able to take my collection to a final level. I always got stuck sometimes between too many ideas and other times not enough.

It wasn’t in the stars for me to complete that gallery wall. Because all of a sudden, our move to Australia became a reality. I was a bit sad to leave my newly bought bunch of frames to strangers. But it wasn’t worth paying for the transport of empty frames. And so we moved on.

And now since moving to this cottage house of ours, I began toying with the idea of another gallery wall. But this time I scratched my last idea, and wanted something completely fresh and different. Something that was simpler in concept, not too tricky to accomplish, yet made perfect sense.

I started looking for ways to put art on the wall without drilling. I found some reliable options. I knew where exactly i wanted that wall to go up. In our dining room with the open kitchen across the big roof-to-floor glass windows. This is the space where i spend most of time. Cooking, cleaning, eating, feeding, folding, writing, editing… you name it. Me and the kids spend most of our day in this room. And also, this huge wall and the empty side of the room was definitely in need for some coverage.

By some stroke of magic, this idea to create a Melbourne Photo Wall using my own photos of the city as prints, struck me. And once it popped in my head, I knew it HAD to be this and nothing else would ever do. This was my missing piece of jigsaw that I was after since so long. It made perfect sense. Why hadn’t i thought of it before!

I could use my favorite captures of the city. I could keep updating as I create new favorites. I could keep adding when i want. This wall would be ME. How I saw Melbourne and what I took away with me from the Most Livable City of the world. I couldn’t wait for it to be done.

I didn’t want a symmetrical design for it. I didn’t want the same frames for it. And I have never made a photo wall with different sizes and frames so I was a little clueless as to how and where to start, and how not to mess it up. I chose to buy my frames online. Cause I knew if i step in a store, i would leave with different versions of their one best frame and wouldn’t be able to choose a variety as i wanted for my project. So i ordered online from a couple of different spots. I didn’t count, I didn’t measure. I couldn’t be bothered with perfection and just stopped when i thought I had be enough.

I went through my photo archives and chose my favorite photos. When the frames arrived, I decided on a whim, which photo would go into which frame. And then i got those developed according to the size.

The most tricky part was arranging it all on the wall. I wish I had followed a system so I could write about it in a better way. But i didn’t. I just randomly arranged the frames on the floor in an empty room and took it from their to the wall. There were more mistakes and re-dos than I am keen to admit. It took me some grueling hours. Probably because I was totally new to the science of command strips and hooks.  But once i figured it out, I loved this method and I never want to drill holes in walls again.

So there it is … My Melbourne Photo Wall. A bit crooked and imperfect. Adorning our home with its color and charm. Sparking joy and reigniting memories. And above all, providing a gorgeous backdrop to all my future photos, haha. FullSizeRender-5FullSizeRender1I6A5538



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ayesha says:

    Awsome abeer…now reading ur blogs really facinates me… thy r so true wth words as if i myself is living them… keep rocking dearest🤗


  2. ikkeera says:

    hey hi, could you please let me know how much do you charge for a family shoot and birthday coverage?


    1. Abeer says:

      hi ikkeera. sorry for getting back to you a bit late. I am charging 200 dollars for one hour outdoor coverage. event charges are different depending on the nature of event and the hours required. You can always email me at or call me at 0468565165.


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