The Gorgeous Rizwan Family

Hello guys! I meant to do this post quite a few days ago. But oh boy, I didn’t expect Ramadan routine to be this hectic. I hardly get to sleep during the night  courtesy of a certain 2 year old who STILL wakes up multiple times a night (its unbelievably annoying) and the added Sehri shifts. And if we have kinder early morning that day, I am doomed for the day. Needless to say, energies are all time low, and moods are swinging left and right, haha. Even though the adults in the family don’t eat all day, its amazing how much time i still spend in the kitchen and how many extra meals i have to prepare to match the non-fasting and fasting schedules. And were my kids always this hyper and loud or did they achieve some extra powers this month, i can’t tell. Even so, I am loving the spiritual and physical cleanse that this holy month brings. I am just not as productive these days as I want and expect myself to be but I can’t be bothered with it.

Thanks for listening to my rant, haha. Now I should get to the point. Which is to share some photos of this gorgeous family from their outdoor session last month. Where Dad was a strong and friendly figure, Mama was a complete stunner, and the boys were beyond sweet and adorable. I loved their casual dynamics with each other. It makes me all mushy when I see other families having a moment together and when I get to capture it and take it home with me as a keepsake and be a part of their day forever. Thats the real stuff for me.






More family sessions here and here.

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  1. phppi says:

    Lovely and sweet photographs


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