Mudassir Family from Springvale


I have had this dream for a while now, to be connected to people through my photos. To capture the essence of other families through my lens. To freeze that smile, that dimple on a child’s face. To hold that infinite love in a mother’s eyes for her baby. To picture the loving embrace of a father and a husband. And to somehow call it my own.

It was crazy to think. Until it started happening.

You see, I feel so connected to the photos that I take. Be it a portrait of a laughing child, a snuggly family, or a roadside cafe, a landscape. There will always be a little part of me in that photo. It ignites a particular emotion i was feeling that day.

Family photos are one of my favourite things in the world to photograph.

I was so pumped for the opportunity to meet and document this beautiful bunch of family. Hina, the gorgeous Mama has such a warm, sunshiny presence. Dad is a calm, hands-on figure. The twin boys were so beautiful and naughty and reminded me of my own boys all the time during the shoot. And their newest addition was the heart of the family and so so loved by everyone. It was pure joy just to hang with them in all that happy, family vibe.



Also, Kashif Family Session.


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