First week of Winter : Embracing the wet and cold


The start of the month of Ramadan brought with it the desire for nesting in me. The fact that the first week of winter coincided with it was a helping factor too. And the scratchy throats, cough-y nights and feverish days. As I dont have any photoshoot planned for this weekend, it was time for me to take a break from running around and cozy up in warm, woolen socks, snuggle in my couch throw and put my favourite comedy show on. I pretty much did this all through the week intermittently. And enjoyed it thoroughly.

On Fridays, I spend some time with my plants. I nurture them with water. Take out the occasional dried leaves and twigs, let them stay on the back deck for a few hours to get some sun (if we are lucky) or even just the gentle breeze. Clean their leaves with a washcloth. Add a few fertilizer seeds to my new plants if any. And then put them back in their spots which they have come to love and adapt as their own, seeing that they are doing so well since I started filling my house with them.1I6A49581I6A4969

Some other domestic action that is happening and a few other things that I am loving over here this week are :

  • Gumboots by the main door and gardening shovels sprawled on the front yard after making mud castles and mini trenches on  a lazy day.
  • Neat foldes piles of clothes in the laundry room that didnt get the chance to bask in the sunlight this week and were left to the mercy of tumble drying.
  • A large batch of meat patties made and frozen. Its a hit as a sandwich in school lunch box. A delicious accomplice to our rice and lentils supper. And serves all our quick meal needs when we are short on cooked food.
  • Wooden train tracks and small train buggies in every room sometimes in the shape of a small circular track, other times a rather innovative flyover or a bridge.
  • Lots of warm, spicy curries with flatbread.
  • Filtered morning light rays on my newly erected bookshelf holding some old treasures and some new finds.
  • Occasional visits to our local park, with a shivering mama and two very jolly boys.
  • My favourite yellow chair by my favourite snake plant. I have been meaning to add a few more snake plants here and there, it has become a special one for me.
  • Very slowly but surely, i am working on a new house project. A Melbourne Photo Wall. Scrolling through all my photos of the city that i took while we were living in the thick of it and also when we visited last year. Very excited and fingers crossed as to how it will turn out.

1I6A50051I6A50201I6A50221I6A49881I6A499118839230_10206989428413885_3688171038770692668_nAnd now gearing up for a busy and rushed friday evening as always. We have a swim class every week and it sort of collides with our dinner time so its a rushed affair as always. But it is also quite possibly the most exciting time for Azaan the whole week, the boy is beside himself with excitement and joy and splashing and jumping and playing on the waterslides. I think i go every week just to see his face when he is having the most fun.

Also, Hamza is doing amazingly well in his class and that makes me a proud mama. We head home from the pool, daddy puts the boys in for their bath while mama puts some food on the table. And then its bedtime and fairyland.

So thats how my week went along. How about yours? 🙂

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