Autumn-y photos with my boys


Oh hi there blog! and readers! how much i have missed logging in more often and writing my heart out. I managed to get back to back bookings over the past few weekends for photoshoots in this last month which was super nice and surprising but also super hectic! Cause after the weekly drill of housekeeping, cooking, washing, getting everyone to their daily set of activities and back, my weekend would be ever busier. And the little free time i get in between is spent in editing photos, doing up my homework for the shoots, responding to queries etc.

So as today i was prepping up for another shoot tomorrow, I just decided to take a little break and update this space with a big batch of photos that are so close to my heart!

A few weeks ago on Mother’s Day, I asked husband to take a few shots of me with the boys. He was feeling particularly inspired and played around with the camera settings a bit and the results were quite interesting to say the least, haha. I will forever cherish these Autumn-y photos with my favorite people in my favorite place for years to come. I just wish someone else was behind the camera and we could have daddy with us in those shots too.

It feels surreal to us that we are surrounded by so many wild reserves, bush trails and parts of the forest that we really don’t have to venture more than a few hundred meters to land at such a place. The first part of the photos are from one such wild reserve that we just discovered while driving around narrow country lanes and old red-roofed houses with white picket fence.1I6A30291I6A30431I6A30451I6A30521I6A30501I6A30471I6A30561I6A30571I6A30651I6A30691I6A30821I6A30811I6A30871I6A30941I6A30961I6A31081I6A31091I6A31251I6A3026

I remember after doing these photos, we headed to one of the gardens in the city to do a family shoot. Usually, the kids doze off in the car around that time when we reach there so i head off to do my thing while husband stays with them and take them out to play once they wake up. And when i finish, i join them back and we head somewhere to get dinner or something. And on this day, when i met them back they were at this beautiful spot in the garden which just felt like the best Autumn scene there ever was. The ground was completely covered with golden fall leaves and there was a periphery of old, shady Autumn trees around it. It was the stuff of the stories, so dreamy! We couldn’t stop ourselves and just went right into and started playing with all the leaves. The boys had so much fun gathering armful of leaves and then showering them on me, haha. I have a few videos of that time that are just the best! And while me and the boys were busy playing, husband took out the camera and started capturing. I felt it was a bit too dark by that time to suggest for photos but I am so glad he took them. I couldn’t help smiling when i looked at this set. Definitely one of my favorites.1I6A36891I6A36781I6A36391I6A36401I6A36411I6A36431I6A36441I6A36571I6A36611I6A36651I6A36671I6A36691I6A36701I6A36761I6A36871I6A36371I6A36351I6A36331I6A36311I6A36291I6A36221I6A36161I6A36151I6A36141I6A36131I6A36041I6A35971I6A35861I6A36901I6A3692

Thats it for now. How have you guys been? Can you believe it that in a couple of days, its going to be one whole year since I started this little blog. SOO much has happened this past year and I am so glad most of it is documented on this blog too.

I am going to announce a giveaway to celebrate our One Year Anniversary. Sadly, it will only be valid for those living in Melbourne. So if you are, check back soon!



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