Living in Autumn Heaven

We are definitely heading towards winter in full swing. But you guys, these days we are living in Autumn heaven here in Melbourne. It doesn’t feel anything like Autumn, as its chillier than that, but it looks oh so gorgeous! i don’t think i have ever been in a more beautiful place in my life! For me, it doesn’t get better than all the crimson and scarlet trees surrounded by a carpet of their crunchy fallen leaves. And the mustards and golden ones. And that shade of flourescent green that I have never seen in nature before. I take my sweet time to roam and drive around the lanes these days as I just don’t want to forget these scenes. It makes so very sad that it won’t last longer than a few weeks. Right now this turning colors and falling of leaves is in full bloom. And i just want to stop the time and hold the season like this forever. I am sure spring will be all flowery and colorful and bloomy, but I am so drawn towards the rusts, the crimsons, the old withered leaves that will dance down from the branches to the ground in the most charming way if you just pause enough to look and take it all in.

My days involve a lot of driving around the neighborhood for kinder pick n drops, running errands, playdates and activities, and these days I can’t wait to shut the door behind me and plop myself behind the steering wheel and be out in the magical world again. Hamza’s kinder is in a block with the most gorgeous bunch of Autumn-colored trees. I always have the radio tuned in to a channel that plays classical jazz music and I can’t wipe the smile off my face as we drive through the prettiness. Its definitely the best time of my day (it even beats bedtime and that is saying something!)

A few photos below when i stopped my car in one such lane to absorb the beauty around me and a couple of others from before. I can’t promise that I won’t be back with at least one other post on Autumn, haha. It just became my most favorite thing.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend! xx

Of showers. And woolens. And comfort reading.

Autumn in my backyard

When dreams come true


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