Beginning my Photography venture with the Kashif Family


So excited to share on the blog that I have finally taken the plunge and started my Family Photography venture. Photography is a passion of mine and I have wanted to do this for such a long time now but so much moving around for our family happened and my plan always got held up.

One of the reasons that always got me really excited about moving to Melbourne was that I could focus on and do those things that made me happy aside from my family. Some thing that I would do just for own self. I didn’t want to do it so abruptly but one thing led to another and i found myself committing to a couple of photoshoots one weekend.

For me, photography is about capturing the real, ordinary, imperfect moment in time. Not some posed perfection. I wanted to do that with other families as well and try to capture the true essence of their relationship and bonding. There is nothing I love more than a happy family being natural and silly with each other. I am drawn towards that kind of energy.

So for my photography venture, I had this clear idea since the very beginning of what I wanted to do. I wanted to get a family gathered in some pretty outdoor location, get the parents and the kids really comfortable around so they can start being themselves. And then when they are in their element, start capturing them. The photos that come out this way may not be perfectly posed and lit, but they will always bring back the true memories and put the biggest smile on their faces. And thats what its all about, no? Keepsake memories to cherish for years to come.

My first shoot was with Umammah, Kashif and their adorable little daughter, Manha. The little one was an absolute fireball of energy and had me on my toes all through the session, haha. I loved their family vibe together. It was a lot of fun capturing them and chit chatting alongside casually.

The whole experience of working with a family so closely and putting smiles on their faces (for the sake of camera and otherwise) gave me such a high that i didn’t imagine it would. I am hooked now and looking forward to a few more shoots lined up.

For me, this might just be the perfect part time work for the time being, as I enjoy editing the photos and going through them as much as capturing them. I am loving it.

Photos from the session below.1I6A16151I6A15831I6A18481I6A18511I6A16961I6A16851I6A17331I6A17371I6A17481I6A17151I6A17111I6A17841I6A17971I6A17951I6A17741I6A17671I6A18021I6A18101I6A1840-21I6A14651I6A14561I6A14831I6A14871I6A14921I6A14941I6A15041I6A15131I6A1544-21I6A15411I6A15481I6A15391I6A15231I6A15171I6A15621I6A15661I6A15721I6A16331I6A15901I6A1681

Also, tips and tricks for photographing kids .


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