When dreams come true …


I never dreamed of an extravagant or a luxurious lifestyle. For me, it was always about a small family with lots of laughter filling our days and a bunch of snuggles filling our nights.  A happy home, roomy enough for the kids to run around, and small enough for it be cozy and warm. A backyard to do bar-B-Qs and for the kids to throw the ball around. And other little things like that.

Moving to Australia had been a dream for our family, something that seemed a bit too far fetched at times cause of issues like stability, starting over and finances. But we kept the dream alive and continued working towards achieving it. God has been too kind for us, and kept the right wheels rolling, for our dream to become a reality in the best possible way. We are still pinching ourselves and are not over the magnanimity of it all. At times, I don’t even feel deserving of God’s kindness and greatness that He bestowed upon us. Prayers and gratitude till we breathe.

We were happy back home in Pakistan and later in Saudi Arabia as well. But I have never experienced contentment and satisfaction that I do now since moving here in Melbourne. Its easy to get used to it and get lost in the busyness of day to day life. But I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be complacent or take it all for granted cause I know how much we worked for it and wished for it to happen. So I want to take it all in knowingly and appreciate the little things that mean so much to me. And thats why today I decided to write a bit about it. I don’t want to forget where we came from and how much our lives have changed since being here. How much we were struggling for the basic necessities back there. And now we get to experience life here and all that it has to offer and all that we are entitled to, just because we are citizens of this country, and just like all the citizens of any country SHOULD. It makes me happy that my kids will grow up in this amazing country but it also makes me sad for my own country and what could and should have been. How much sacrifices we all have to make back there and that shouldn’t have been the case. Life couldn’t be more different here than back there, its like day and night. And it took me a fair bit of time to come around to all the differences and i am still in the thick of it all. I feel like an outsider, an observer. But i am learning so much each day and experiencing new things and it just makes me marvel at it all.

I probably won’t be fair in detailing all my experiences and encounters in one rushed post, but i hope to keep coming back to this topic from time to time and write more whenever i do, about moving to the Most Livable city of the world on the opposite side of the globe.

For now, I would like to document probably the smallest thing but its a thing that makes me happy so there it goes: clean drinking water straight out of taps! I am so thankful that i don’t have to worry about large cans of water finishing every couple of days and asking husband to install a new one every time. Also, its super nice that we don’t have to pay for water when we are eating out and get served tap water in pretty glass bottles. Specially since a couple of years now, we try to avoid ordering any kind of soft drinks.

Just this morning, we went to the Open Day at one of the primary schools near us as Hamza will be going to school next year so this is the time for us to look around and make a decision. Me and the husband were super impressed by the out look of the school and the facilities it provided and the overall positive  vibe. Back home, we have seen the best private schools around and nothing could compare to this public one we went. I couldn’t wait for Hamza to be part of such an institution.

To think that everyone is able to send their children to schools of such high standards whether he is a sales person or a doctor or in between jobs without any solid source of income. For me, its nothing short of extra ordinary.

We live in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Melbourne and so we meet a lot of old aged people in our day to day life. I was fortunate enough to be visited by two aged women from the neighbors on two different days and it was such a pleasure meeting these old ladies and chatting with them. I couldn’t stop wondering about their whole lives and asking them a million questions and they were so nice to oblige me every time. Both had lost their husbands, lived alone now, had middle aged children and many grand children who all lived independently and away from them. I was so amazed at the level of self sufficiency, independence and contentment these women enjoyed. It was fascinating to hear them talk about their full lives and how they occupied their idle days now with various social and intellectual activities.

One of them brought these old trucks for the boys that you see in the title photo that once belonged to his 45 year old son when he was a kid. What a treasure! I am so glad she chose to share these with us. There is something so special about passed on toys from generation to generation.

Reading back on this post, i can’t believe how random and disconnected it would seem to a reader. Still gonna press publish on it, cause this is exactly how i feel these days, disconnected, random, in a lot of different places at any given time;  but grateful and appreciative.

By the way, pop back again soon cause I have some exciting news to share about my latest venture that is so dear to me. Will share soon with LOTS of photos!

Hope you a good week ahead. xxx

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