Of showers. And woolens. And comfort reading.


They say its four seasons in a day here in Melbourne, and while that is all true and seen, these days its mostly rains and showers. The sun peaks out for just a few moments and i start to get optimistic but all my hopes and plans are drenched wet again. Its bye-bye to the Autumn and hello to the Winter time.

I am mostly found running around in circles these days. Some days are just too hectic between all the drop offs and housekeeping and grocery shopping. I may have made 5 individual trips yesterday alone and by the time i was home again and cooking two different dinners in the span of half an hour, i knew i needed a cozy day at home with not many chores, lots of tea, heat on, and many hours of watching the rain lazily splash my porch and windows. So today I gave myself just that. And that is why you are reading this post, as i finally got a few minutes to write again. I love it when i find this time.

When I say I lazed around, I meant that I tackled a few pending chores around the house that somehow never get my attention amidst all the running and driving around. I can never be not-productive, if i am not doing a million things at a time, be assured that either I am sick or depressed and please come for help, haha.

I got myself ready for the winters by taking out all the knitwear, woolens and jackets. Although I am not a winter person and was blessed enough to be living in tropical weather for the last 6 years or so, this time I am really looking forward to wearing all those comfy, cozy sweaters that never got worn much before. And also, I am embracing winters with all the positivity and strength I can muster cause I really can’t have a hate relationship with it while living in Melbourne. That will be brutal for my happiness.

Cleaning and decluttering the house does wonders to ground both my physical and emotional self. I could be having all kinds of unsettling thoughts but give me a house out of order and I come out the other end with a well-organized space and a calmer sense of being. As I pick up strewn toys and clothes, chop and stir the meals, fold and put away laundry, I am also clearing out cobwebs in my mind and the jumbled up mess of thoughts. Gratitude and balance is restored. Lost joy is found again.

Also, trying to scroll through social media feeds less, and read more. Went to the local library last week, and out of thousands of unread volumes, I came home with two of classics and my all time favorites of English Literature. Comfort reading is what I need these days. And who could be better than Jane Austen at providing it.

Settling down in a space for the coming winters that still needs some stuff and is far from being completely set, but so comfy and homey that we love it just so. I find it charming to dream about all the possibilities for empty bits and corners. For me, there is more joy in anticipation, so I am just letting it be for the time being.

Hope you stay warm and dry, wherever you are. xxx

My flourishing herbs make me so darn happy!


Rushing against time

Feels like home

Autumn in my backyard





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