A weekend in Sydney ..


Last weekend, we packed the car with a few clothes, lots of snacks, a couple of children books, our beach things, good music, plenty of patience, and took off on an 9 hour long journey to Sydney. It was a beautiful drive and it was definitely a highlight for me to be driving alongside uphill and downhill fields, watching over herds of animals grazing, just ย all things nature and utter beauty till the eye could see. So so soothing. So so joyous. I love long drives. Specially when i get to drive as well.

We reached Sydney late evening, dumped our bags in the hotel room (which had the most picturesque view of the harbor through its large glass window), splashed our faces with cold water, and headed out to find a bite to eat. After stuffing ourselves with fried rice and noodles, we were strolling along the harbor only to be met by a throng of people watching a man doing crazy things with fire, and another juggling about a million things and cracking lame jokes haha. Sydney is definitely ahead in its street performance game. We came back to the room, crashed at once and woke up feeling fresh and new (what is it with hotel rooms? we always sleep so much better without waking up a wink and i always have to shake the boys a little to open their eyes way past their up-time in the morning. I am definitely ordering blackout blinds for our own place soon!)

Sydney was a lot of noise. A lot of colors. A lot of people. A lot of fun. It was definitely way more crowded than Melbourne. Way more multi-cultural too. I had to really scour the crowds to spot an Australian amongst the throngs of Indian and Chinese haha, which was fascinating. In Melbourne, there is a sense of calmness and tranquility even in the busy city centre, a balance of some sorts, which i find so comforting and endearing and have really gotten used to. Sydney was more rushed, more busy, more loud, more touristy, more everything. It was a bit overwhelming for me in the start but once i overcame that, i started loving it and really enjoyed my time there.

On our first day, we just immersed ourselves among the CBD streets, took in the inner city vibe and walked a ton of miles, dotted with ice-cream stops. Discovering hidden lanes is my guilty pleasure and we happened upon a few of them which i loved. We walked around the Opera House and admired the Harbour Bridge from a distance. We stopped by the Botanical Gardens and gave our legs some rest. We ate at charming cafe-lined streets which reminded us so much of Europe.

I of course took a ton of photos which I will share in two posts. I took some video too which i am excited to compile and share once i get the time and energy to get on with it.

For now, our Day 1 in Sydney below:1I6A0814I have some cool footage of this guy, watch out for the video!1I6A0802

I have some cool footage of this guy, watch out for the video!


Haha, he is the most fun poser!


Angle’s Place, Sydney. So cool!
These guys are great traveller and explorers btw.
Such ย a pretty lane.


Haha, a tantrum under way. Thankfully one with no crying or shouting. He wanted to climb and dangle from those orange road stops, and when we said no, he said there in a mood for a good while, all to much amusement of the passerbys. He is a character. I love him.


Showing off stunts to the Chinese man, this guy.


Finally a photo with the four of us!


The spot and light was calling for some posing ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thanks for all the halal food options, Sydney!

Sydney you were amazing.. But Melbourne will always have my heart. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In my next post, hopefully, I will write about how it is for us to be traveling with kids specially on long road trips. Till then. xxx

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  1. I so agree to the last phrase of your post about sydney. Same thoughts here ๐Ÿ™‚


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