Rushing against time.


Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

These days are passing by in a blur, a frenzy of activities, one after another. I can’t believe its Thursday already, officially almost end of the week.

We have made our schedules far too busy, but its busy by choice so its good busy. It just leaves me wanting for those unoccupied hours of lazying around the house. I miss writing. I miss reading. As i am not getting done either of those enough for my liking.
But…. enjoying the adrenaline rush of life and keeping an open mind for what may come next. What will be, will be. 

We are juggling too many balls at any given time but so far, managing to catch each of them safely by the end of the day so its working and we are keeping on. And remembering that dropping one occasionally wont be the end of the world. Its the effort that counts, and the intention. Keeping those two honest and moving on with a hold on faith.

These days, we are rushing against time and always on the go. Our week starts with a mom and kids playgroup session that has connected me with some inspiring and kind Mamas. Each session with these women and their kids urges me to be better and more productive while at the same time, prioritize the good. I look forward to it whole week. Monday blues are a thing of the past.

Between three days of kinder, two days of swim classes, one football training session, countless spontaneous park runs, and endless market and local mall trips, I am impressed I manage to clean the house (and car!) and cook basic meals everyday as well. Not to forget about 10 loads of laundry per week and so much folding and putting away later.

Add to it, a couple of birthday celebrations in the house one after another, social commitents with family and seeing new friends, its maddening but its awesome! 😀 Its the kind of rush that gets me going. I somehow function better when I am pushed for time, and when I have more things to do in a day than its possible to do. Ofcourse a lot of it gets pending, but a crazy amount gets done as well. And thats the drug I am on 😉

To be honest, i didnt think i would be writing a post anytime in near future, and I am just typing these words on my phone while giving my thumbs stupid cramps, but every week i get a few lovely messages from readers telling me how much they enjoy the blogs and how they can relate so much. I am always slightly taken aback, i dont imagine many people reading these blabberings anyways, but it pumps me so much to keep on, and i feel like i ll be letting those few down if I stop. So this is for you who are still reading on. As long as you are reading, i ll be writing for you.   Xxx

Hope you all have a splendid weekend and Easter if you are celebrating! We are off on our first road trip since moving here, so I am all kinds of excited. xxx


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