Azaan turns 2 !!

Wow.. that was fast! My littlest one, already two years old and officially out of the baby zone.

Just gonna type a quick, casual, letter post to you, AZ boy. Being always on the run, short on time but high on life these days as I am. Its still better to have something up rather than wait for a precious free time slot to magically appear and transform into a perfect blogpost.

I am not a little bit sad but extremely sad that you grew up in a blink of an eye. The emotional side of me cannot let go of the baby in you and those squishy cheeks and those misunderstood cries for help. At 2 years, you are as tall as 3 year olds. A day before your birthday, I caught you counting 1 to 10 all by yourself, and since i have never taught you the numbers, i was so surprised and proud of your little genius self.

But this is how you have always been so i shouldn’t have been surprised. You were standing at 7 months, took your first steps at 10 months, starting talking at 9 months. You sure are always in a big hurry to catch up to your big brother and you sure as hell kicked the butt of those baby milestones, sooner than your mama could write them down.

On your 2nd birthday, you were caught many times during the day singing, “happy durbaayyy…”  to yourself with a little swing in your step, you were soo excited and happy, and i died of cuteness every time.

We feel so lucky to have you as a part of our family, i cannot imagine our lives without. You love so forcefully and wholeheartedly, and have everyone swoon over you with your charm and wit. You own your mama and have her by your little finger, but Daddy is becoming your new favorite these days. Bhai is always there to play, fight and giggle around with. I love the team that you two have become, with always having each other’s back. That is the greatest thing for me.

We ended our most beautiful breastfeeding journey a few months ago, and i don’t know about you, but i miss it everyday. You made it so easy for the both of us to move on from there and I am so grateful for that. And now you are sleeping in your own room with Bhai, and as much as that helps both of us to sleep better, I miss snuggling with you in my bed and how you would literally prop both your feet on my face or push me right to the edge of bed and sleep like that. Your Mama is having a hard time to let go of your baby self, and that is why sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, you find her slipped by your side in your big boy bed or you find yourself waking up in her room tucked between the many pillows.

Enough of the sappy Mama talk i think, I am gonna move on to how we celebrated your special day!

For the record, our little family has moved around so much in the last two years that we didn’t spend enough time in a city or a country to celebrate next kid’s birthday there as well.

Hamza’s 3rd birthday :: Karachi

Azaan’s 1st birthday :: Lahore

Hamza’s 4th birthday :: Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Azaan’s 2nd birthday :: Melbourne

But hopefully, we are here to stay now and who knows we may celebrate each of your coming years in the most livable city of the world. Won’t be half bad in my book. 😉

So after going all out on your 1st birthday celebrations ( I should upload those photos and the story sometime here on the blog soon), we took it easy and casual with this one. We hung up some balloons, invited the family over, made some pasta, ordered some pizza, ate lots of cake and basically had the best time eating and laughing and chatting over mugs of coffee and happy shrieks of cousins playing around.

And now for the best part … the photos! I am gonna upload more photos than i should, but i just love all of them so bear with me. 😀1I6A05031I6A05041I6A06131I6A05801I6A05781I6A05881I6A05931I6A06101I6A06211I6A0627My new favorite photos of Hamza. Camera loves this boy. 1I6A05051I6A05101I6A05131I6A05071I6A04861I6A04841I6A04801I6A04971I6A05661I6A05691I6A05381I6A05451I6A06181I6A06431I6A06451I6A0649We were originally planning to do it outside on our deck, and it was so sunny and warm during the day that i was a bit worried it might be too hot to sit outside. But what do you know with the crazy Melbourne weather. Within a few minutes of everything being setup in the scorching sun, it began pouring heavily, so we shifted everything inside while being drenched.1I6A06511I6A06581I6A06531I6A06591I6A06651I6A06681I6A06701I6A06801I6A06881I6A07301I6A07081I6A07171I6A07141I6A07111I6A07241I6A07251I6A07271I6A07311I6A07331I6A07021I6A07041I6A07411I6A07521I6A07421I6A07461I6A07531I6A07671I6A0781Lol. Weird picture of most of us. but it was the only one with all us girls so had to include.1I6A04561I6A0448

Happiest Birthday handsome! I am over the moon that you were born. You light up my world like no-one else.

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