On turning 30 …

I am 30 today. Life is wonderful.

I have never regretted getting older and saying goodbye to a certain year of my life. But this time, it felt rather bittersweet. Cause this time I turned the big 30, and had to bid farewell to a decade of my twenties filled with unbelievable experiences and life changing moments, awkwardness and awesomeness.

Ten years ago, I was a student studying among some of the most competitive and brilliant minds of our country and I had no idea of who I was and what I wanted to be. My twenties were an intense journey of self-realization and acceptance. To face my challenges and insecurities and to let go of the expectations. It wasn’t a smooth ride but it sure was a joyous one for the most part. And for that I have immense gratitude.

Its a privilege to be living this life I feel, whoever we are, wherever we are. I have experienced extreme moments of happiness. I have also experienced gut-wrenching sadness, without which I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate and feel the joy when i see it.

The morning of my 30th was spent snuggling up with my littles in bed a little longer than the norm. They cozied up to me, whispered birthday wishes in my ear, and then progressed to the kitchen to make the biggest messes for the birthday Mama to clean up. Bless my kids, just when I think life couldn’t get any more chaotic with them, they prove me so wrong.

Husband came home early bearing Yellow Daisies, a sight that instantly perked me up. All I wanted for my birthday was to head to the city and potter around its laneways and eat its delicious food and watch its beautiful people. We had a late lunch reservation at the famous Greek spot in town, GAZI. I was instantly sold on the ambience and the rustic environment, enjoyed my food and the crazy company of my favorite people.

It was a good day to be 30.

Ironically, 30 always felt a bit old to me. But i feel just the opposite of that. I feel fresh. I feel confident. I feel happy. New country, new people, new life. There is so much to do and see!

If my 30s is all about that, I can’t wait to live it.1I6A03701I6A03711I6A03761I6A03801I6A03971I6A03901I6A03961I6A04001I6A04081I6A04251I6A04231I6A04241I6A0420


PS, Thank you so much for wishing me guys! And your kind words on the last post, when i am actually really struggling to find time and motivation to write these days and almost took a break from the blog. Your love is keeping me on. 

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  1. lostandfound says:

    ur too good abeer and belaated happy birthday this is actually a happy corner makes me happy when I read it


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