My happy list, if you may.


To say life is hectic these days, would be an understatement. Don’t let the photos and posts fool you, I have never been more exhausted in my life. No matter how much i tell myself to let go, the pursuit of perfection (or the best I can do) doesn’t let me sit for many hours at a stretch. Add to it the compulsive clean-freakiness, and the only time i ever get to sit in the whole day is when i am feeding boys their meals, or the blessed nap and bedtimes (i just tiptoed, almost floated out of their room a moment ago. Creaky wooden floors, be damned!). The daily struggle of raising kids and tending to a house is proving mammoth, and by the time little ones are in bed, I literally have to splash my face with ice cold water and pull myself away from that fluffy, all too comfortable bed, so i can have a few moments of sanity to myself. Cause without these moments, what am I but an underpaid nanny ? (no offense intended)

But then … perspective. Perspective to take a step back and look at it all, really be in it all.

One day when I will look back on these days, I won’t remember the to-do lists, the never ending house chores and mealtime struggles. In fact, my mind will go to the memories we made by embracing the spontaneous adventures whole-heartedly. I will hold onto the dirty feet, picnics in the park and chasing animals down the street. Moments spent playing in the setting sun and the sun-stained rosy cheeks. Late nights and ignored bedtimes tucked between stories and giggles. Laughter of my little ones, the kind that make tears roll down their cheeks. And the special cuddles reserved just for mama.

Sometimes its best to step over and around the mess of living and and to really be in it! Shifting the lens from sticky floors and laundry piles to the good stuff that surrounds us. To ruffle through the exhaustion and focus on the happy list, which goes something like this for this week:

  • Friendship and kindness of a neighbor in the shape of baked goods and little treasures
  • Mild showers all morning and happy sunshine come afternoon
  • My plant babies holding on so well
  • Homemade chicken stock from leftover roast, that simmers away all morning to become liquid gold
  • A small but welcome opportunity to write and earn
  • Sharing breakfast with birds living in our backyard tree
  • Brothers taking baths together
  • Brothers sleeping in their respective bunk beds together
  • My herb pots for the kitchen, perched beautifully on the window sill, waiting patiently to house sprouted plants
  • Rare solo trips to the grocers
  • Weekly ritual of lighting some candles and running a bath
  • An enchanted pond discovered by chance around our hood with a canopy of tree-garlands covering it so beautifully
  • Walking on crunchy Autumn Leaves
  • Weekend pancakes by the husband
  • 1I6A0023 (1)1I6A00991I6A011717424645_10206550567722642_234841292285798931_n17362782_10206550548522162_7369431913403466538_n17505695_10206570048889659_440121901_n1I6A0019 (1)1I6A0279

Whats made you happy this week? I would love to know. 🙂

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Maryam zahoor says:

    So beautiful. Ah I miss blogging and even commenting on blogs. Love love love your photos and more over the beauty YOU see in little things.

    I’d say we have that in common. I’d love to hear about herbs growing to maturity and even landing in your dishes.

    And baking something for the neighbor is just plain good. I’ve been planning on making something for mine too for aagessss especially because no one knows anyone in our building not even the ones on the same floor despite having lived there for years. Guess I’ll have to just do it now!

    Keep punching the keyboard ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abeer says:

      hi maryam! so lovely to read your comment. really felt the heart in it. thank you for your beautiful words. I am sure you blog even better. I will definitely update about the herbs, actually just finishing up a post on my little gardeners 🙂 i used to bake a lot! i miss it too. but i stopped since most of it i ended up eating myself. but i was thinking about baking for the neighbors too! i know it feels kind of depressing to be living so close and yet so far.


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