We Walk into the Wild …

Some days we step away from all that is structured and organized, planned and curated, and find our way through winding, tangled, growing places. Breathing in the clear, cool air and blowing away the cobwebs. There is mystery and charm in exploring instinctively, without any harnesses. In succumbing to the wild and being utterly fascinated by the hues of nature.

We feel so lucky to be living on a winding country road, with thick jungles around, and yet be just a short drive away from the hustle bustle of city life . On good days, it feels like the best of both worlds. Countless parks and walking tracks that take us through narrow paths with tall, looming redwood trees around and land us in lush green plains with a lake by the side. This part of the world is so blessed in terms of nature, my words or photos can never do justice. Its the stuff of the stories, The Land Down Under.

Under a canopy of the clearest blue sky we set out. Open and sun dappled walking tracks lure us and without the burden of Summer’s humidity we walk further and discover new little woodland nooks. Limbs move quickly  and it isn’t long before the gentle exertion warms our bones, turns our cheeks reddish and we give in to our surroundings.

Nature’s palette is gradually shifting towards crimson, gold and orange. As the sun sets, the sky takes a deep plum shade along the horizon and casts a gold hue over all the scenery making it impossibly stunning. Hamza finds a crumbled piece of withered log and claims it as a treasure. Azaan is content with a stick and speckled leaves. Later they are both happily perched on top of Daddy’s shoulders (preferred choice of parent always) and I can’t find a thing to to complain.

With a smile on our faces, we walk into the wild.1I6A98501I6A98441I6A98291I6A98061I6A98141I6A98351I6A98341I6A98331I6A98301I6A97791I6A97631I6A98641I6A98631I6A97931I6A97701I6A97751I6A98481I6A98541I6A98551I6A9862

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