Autumn in my backyard


I have always had a soft spot for Autumn. The season of fresh, cool air and crimson leaves. Its a humble season which gives us a chance to slow down after the happenings of the long summer, and also to nourish and prepare ourselves for the incoming ruthless winters.

Its the season of full sleeves and a cardigan in hand — just in case.

Its the time for new-season apples and comfort meals and wintry soups. Many times a day, a kettle is brewed and steaming tea is poured with a slice of cake or a handful of nuts, alongside a good book in hand. We start to close the windows and doors come dusk and prepare to settle inside our nest. We soon make our way to the beds to the comforts of our quilts.

Fall is the season of bare-branched trees and strong, gushy winds. The leaves have started to turn and shed. Everything is getting covered with golden, crunchy star leaves and town-dwellers are often seen sweeping their porches and yards of fallen twigs and withered leaves.

Although The last day of Summer is long gone, there is still summer outside during the day and the sun is scorching. The sky is the brightest blue and it beckons us outside. But come dusk, you can feel the cool breeze on your cheeks and you almost wish to pull in a jacket or snuggle in a scarf.

The weather is shifting, the seasons are merging.

Happy Autumn or Happy Spring … wherever you are.



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  1. Rahmah says:

    Delicious Autumn .. ( :

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  2. Sara Baber says:

    pictures are just too good 🙂 and I love your eye make-up

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    1. Abeer says:

      Thankyou so much sara! 😄


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