Beaching at the Brighton


I was craving for a trip to the ocean this weekend. To walk along the coast, feel the coarse sand between my toes, hear the waves roar and crash, watch the kids make sand castles and dip their toes (and head in Hamza’s case) in the water. Salt air was calling.

So, on Saturday, after I cleaned up around the house and fed the boys their favorite lunch (crispy fried fish!), I filled a tote bag with some beach essentials (towels, costumes, sunblock, a book and hats) , packed up sandwiches for the road, and we were ready to make our way to Brighton Beach with its charming and renowned bathing boxes.

While the sun played hide and seek with the clouds, we lay on the sand and fed pigeons, collected sea shells, enjoyed the breeze and smelled the ocean. We also got to witness a cute beach wedding photoshoot, against the striking and funky backdrop of the bathing boxes. The bride was definitely a good sport and didn’t mind when her beautiful frilly, white dress got filled with sand or when the husband almost dropped her while posing for the photographer, haha. It was a such sweet spectacle.

We picked up some charcoal chicken for dinner on the way back and came home with sandy hair, damp clothes and happy faces. Ocean did us good.

Some photos from the day below.

(PS: I didn’t know i could tan as much as i have in these past few weeks. Have you noticed the ugly tan lines on my feet in the title photo and also in the one below? Be assured that there is a similar contrasting line just behind my t-sleeve, and I am just about the brown-est I have ever been in my life. Testament to all those hours of walking in the sun. The jeans feels a little lose and the cheekbones have made a more visible appearance these days and I am pining to stand on a scale and see if the numbers have shifted at all.)


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  1. The beach looks quite funky and cool… nice pictures. And those seagulls are at beach in Australia, i swear. you can’t eat in peace wherever they are.. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abeer says:

      I knww hahah… they are very clingy sort. Thankyou so much for dropping by. 😊


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