White Night

Friends and followers, today I give you the night — The White Night. Australia’s most celebrated cultural event. Thousands of locals and visitors come together for a 12-hour celebration of arts and culture and performances. Melbourne doesn’t sleep that night. They say its larger than the New Year’s Eve.

So how could we sleep? We threw caution to the winds, packed the boys and their blankets in stroller and set out to see for ourselves what the fuss was all about. We weren’t disappointed. Mesmerized and were in awe of it all, to say the least. It was truly spectacular, and probably one of the coolest nights of my life.

It was fascinating to see so many installations and visuals arts, street performances, enthralling large-scale projections, exhibitions, live music and films. But what was even more captivating was such a large number of happy, well-behaved crowds at that time of the night.

Melbourne’s White Night that took place on 18th Feb from 7PM to 7AM the next morning brought together a number of local and international artists to showcase their talents to an audience world over. There were about 80 events happening all together, spread all over the lanes, gardens and landmarks of CBD. We didn’t even try to goto all of them, as we just wanted to have a few hours of fun and then head home, for the sake of kids. But still we managed to enjoy most of the highlights.

My favorite was the Purple Rain: an unforgettable sensory experience of its kind. Utterly beautiful visual and sound installation that urges you to pick up a transparent umbrella and walk through an actual purple-colored shower. So so cool!

Another favorite was the Swing City: a 12-hour dance marathon featuring all kinds of dance forms and famous bands, where everyone was invited to join in and prove their stamina and dance skills.

Rhythms of the night, Its nice to be alive, Home less, Light Cycles, Love this way, Viktor & Rolf – Inside Out, The Secret Life of Statues, Unplugged, Pixel Fruit were some of awe-inspiring exhibits that I really loved.

Some photos of the night below.


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  1. tivamoo says:

    Melbourne amazing with a lot of events. There is a Van Gogh painting show at the moment at NGV. Check out my blog for the details http://tivamoo.com/2017/05/07/it-is-real-van-gogh-paintings-are-in-melbourne-now/


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