Queen Victoria Night Market

Strolling through an open-air market is an experience of its own. Passing by the small, pop- up stalls; spotting the vintage treasures; the colorful, the vibrant, the battered and dusty goods; the smell of hot street food and the aroma of baked treats, the chatty, bohemian vendors; the rip-offs and the bargains, the community vibes — all this makes market places so much more fun  than the large, branded, highly commercialized malls and shopping centers.

Queen Victoria Market is Melbourne’s largest open-air market, taking place for more than a hundred years now. The market’s busiest day is Sunday all year round, but come summer-time, Night Market is held every Wednesday night from 5-10 PM as well. A carnival like atmosphere is created with Melbourne’s largest array of global street food, live music and performances, quirky vintage stalls where you can find anything from handmade soaps to vintage pipes and organs to feathered hair extensions to sturdy old film cameras and what not.

Some photos below.

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