Melbourne Laneways

I have always found myself drawn to the big cities. To the noise, to the culture, to the food, to the people — to the true essence of what makes a big city so big. I thrive on the hustle bustle of crowds and the traffic and the people going on about there everyday lives, as if no-one was there at all.

The busy-ness of all the people around me is like a happy drug which puts a smile on my face and energizes me. Whether its the office guys with their flat whites and tall lattes to go, working women with their tailored skirts and stilettos, cyclists with helmets pedaling away in their seriousness, backpackers touring the city wearing sandals and scouring the maps with sneakers tied to their bags, construction workers in their orange overalls and heavy tools, street artists playing music and wishing you well, people in their active-wear running solo or as a part of a group, darling old couples getting dessert, or college students with their tattoos and funky hair. I romanticize it all (sometimes out of proportion).

We are living in the city centre for a few weeks here in Melbourne and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. To explore the inner city to my heart’s content before we move to the suburbia. I am out almost all day, pushing the boys in their stroller, receiving countless nods and smiles, soaking up the sun and the sights and the culture and all the city vibes. Stopping every once in a while to catch my breathe or to grab a coffee (for me) and donuts (for the boys).

Somedays we head to a gallery or a museum, somedays we hit the parks or walk around the river, and other days we lose ourselves among hidden Melbourne laneways (that always remind me of Diagon Alley), stumbling upon hole-in-the-wall cafes, graffiti lanes, quirky designer boutiques, hidden bars, awe-inspiring street art and what not. The maze of gothic-style, cobblestones laneways is truly enchanting and I can never have enough of it!

Some photos below of when I wandered off one day in Bourke Street, Little Bourke Street, Little Collins Street, Centre Place, Degraves Street, Hardware Lane, Swanston Street, Globe Alley and Flinders Lane. Dark, cramped photos might be my new favorite type.

I will let the photos do their own talking.

melbourne laneways16780302_10206345777083004_1779186867_n16779845_10206340820959104_1771492061_n16780340_10206340820119083_1861402561_n16809071_10206345777003002_1343757990_n16780133_10206340820479092_1948867784_n16779943_10206340818319038_1464951574_nmelbourne laneways16788144_10206340814238936_1836240893_n16780584_10206345777763021_890052012_n16780653_10206340815078957_1066475999_n16780169_10206345779483064_416534537_nmelbourne laneways16779823_10206345785003202_672770092_nmelbourne laneways16754252_10206340813078907_1772318903_n16754190_10206340823119158_1091156795_n16754071_10206340814998955_63556112_n16753829_10206340822439141_1069807655_n16779971_10206345780443088_1499573452_n16780513_10206340814678947_745108179_n16808425_10206345778083029_25190220_n16809218_10206345777523015_799790870_nmelbourne laneways16790524_10206340815798975_354515774_n16790557_10206340824039181_1449201779_n16788317_10206340817599020_879571890_n16780166_10206340817719023_264344141_n

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