It’s Zoo Time!


Some days, there are no words. Some days, there are just photos. Photos of two brothers, beaming with excitement and shining with anticipation. Gulping down a huge tub of popcorn like there was no tomorrow. Photos of a little boy laughing at the monkeys. Photos of many a sweet deer, feeding off his tiny chubby hand. Photos with the elephant on which their Mama once rode many, many years ago. Photos of little boys clinging to the cages. Photos of walking hand-in-hand with Grandpa. Photos of whispering tales with Grandma. Photos of winter hats and their watchful stares. Photos of stripe-y zebras and camel rides. Photos of a beautiful day spent, ending with souvenirs to take home to. Some days, there are just photos.untitled-export181i6a83581i6a84061i6a84191i6a84261i6a84301i6a84101i6a84341i6a84151i6a84081i6a84251i6a83971i6a84011i6a8403

Over the years, slowly becoming their trademark photo 🙂


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