You are all the colors in one.


School holidays — so much better than school. I can’t believe I actually said that.

I am someone who thrives on routines, and timetables, and school preps, and drop-offs. But for the past few weeks, I am quite happy to sing the song of freedom and breathe more spontaneously. Embracing rhythm, rather than routine.

Sometimes we make our own paints — pouring water over rich pigments in small glass vessels becomes an activity in itself. Our vibrant potions last us many sessions. Sometimes we use picture books for inspiration, other times we let the imagination go wild. Sometimes we lay out the table with all the necessary ingredients; a tea towel, small water cups, bristled brushes and rolls of paper. And when paper gets boring, we move onto the patio, and ready ourselves for the colors to dance.

Creativity is fostered when the watercolor paper is dampened by the brush strokes. When pastels come out to play. When potatoes become paint stamps. And tiny hands become the palette. Nothing quite soothes a wandering soul as swishing color about freely.


img_3977img_3987img_4008img_4012img_3993img_4094img_4096img_4111img_4136img_4119img_4087img_4078img_4062img_4025img_4099You see kids don’t need new stuff to have fun. They just need paint. And you. And each other. Life really is THAT simple.

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