In pursuit of a Minimalist Wardrobe


I have always been a frugal buyer. Although I do succumb to impulse buying occasionaly, but by any female standards, I have far less quantity of clothes, shoes, bags etc. And then I have to purge three to four times a year to keep the wardrobe crisis to a minimum.

I am stil not happy with my wardrobe functionality. And i am going to make a conscience effort from now on to carefully examine each piece before I buy. Think over it for some nights, if may. How durable is it? How practical is it? Can it be a worn in a few different ways? Will i still like it after a year or two? Is it comfortable? Do i REALLY need it? I, for one, feel really bad when i make a purchase and dont wear it much later, owing to the fact i dont like it enough and hadn’t put much thought into it before buying.

I am also very attached to my few good things. Its such a comforting feeling to wear the same thing over and over. Knowing exactly how it will look on me, how it feels, how to dress it up or down. I have a lot of things that have become my staple. And I love my relationship with those.

But I also have a huge pile of things that dont get worn often, are too floral or shoddy for me, that had been bought for a special occasion of in a moment of weakness. And I want to really work on diminishing that pile eventually. Goal is to have a practical, functional wardrobe with a fewer good quality pieces that can be mixed and matched and worn a few different ways, that will stand the test of time. And then to add on it from there.

My problem wasn’t just the clothes I was saving for good as much as the clothes I was saving for ruin. I would hold onto an old, tattered t- shirt to use for cooking messy sauces, deep cleaning the house, an occasional painting session etc. But when I finally got rid of everything that truly belonged in the rag pile, I opened up space for new thoughtful, timeless additions.

I am not a total monster. There are still a couple of  t-shirts (fine, three) that I hold on to for purely sentimental reasons. But when we did two house moves the last year, I was ruthless. And most everything else went.

Also, I am finding myself gravitating towards neutrals and basics a lot! You can’t go wrong with them. They all work together. They are always in style. They never seem too old or too new.img_2475img_2506

The other day I returned from a rare shopping spree that hit my wallet rather hard, and upon reaching home I discovered that there was not one item of ‘color’ or ‘pattern’ in there. It was all khaki, black, blush, tan and denim. And I know that I will wear and cherish each piece for a long time. Dont get me wrong, I love colors and patterns too much, yellow being my most favourite and I am known for it. But previously, I would hardly ever buy neutral things. Now I have realized that its much easier to get tired of the patterns and colors than it is with solids and neutrals. A good quality neutral piece goes a long way. So I am going to carefully invest in that with time, rather than spending on that frilly skirt or blouse even if it is on 30% sale.

What about you? How do you resist the urge to buy and spend when its not absolutely necessary?

PS, House Purge and Decluttering .


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  1. Rabia Ejaz says:

    In this age of contagious consumerism, I like your take on this matter. We can go against the flow and still manage to look good.


    1. Abeer says:

      absolutely we can! letting go of the attachment to unnecessary things should be the goal.


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