Scenes from the Park


Me and the boys are staying with my parents in Lahore these days and will soon join Daddy in our new city and home!

Meanwhile, we don’t have any grand adventures planned for this interim time and its just the way we like it. Our days are peppered with little trips to the neighborhood park, breathing in the crisp winter air. Slow, simple play. Complete with mud-smeared shoes, worms in dirty hands, withered leaves and sunshine. Inquisitive minds. Active bodies. Happy beings.

We head back to home to warm our chilly hands in front of a crackling fire. Long, slow days spiced up by hot chocolate, sometimes soup, dried fruits and winter bread.

Maybe one day we’ll pack up a little picnic and camp up in the morning sun. Soak up the winter goodness, and create with nature. No special toys or fancy play, just our hands and a few sprigs of herbs and plants, some flowers, lots of dirt, and untamed imagination. Perfect setting for little personalities to blossom and bloom, and stories to nurture and  flow.img_2949img_3044img_3039img_3049img_2977img_2975




I think we might be headed somewhere green today…

PS, scenes from packing and park hopping .

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