Cooking as a Couple :: Our story goes viral!

You guys! I am so excited to share that This Happy Corner is featured again! This time, on the talk-of-the-town blog, Soul Sisters Pakistan.

I did a story with them on ‘Cooking as a Couple’ that was a featured a few days ago and has since gone viral. My husband seems very eligible in the aftermath of the post, haha. The comments on this one are really sweet (and flattering for the husband!).

“There are nights when the chicken is thawed properly and the vegetables are prepped, but also those nights when a frozen pizza is popped in the oven. There are nights when the meal is an artistic creation and we feel like we could host our own cooking show, and also those nights when the fridge is full but the brain is blank and we don’t know how to cook or no desire to cook (all hail the food delivery guys!).

But between the two of us, we often divide the task among ourselves, roll up our sleeves and make the family dinner happen! Either the frozen pizza way, or the organic broccoli way!”

If you haven’t already, read the full story by clicking on the link below.

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