Scenes from Packing

This post is brought to you from an apartment almost packed-up! Our muscles are sore from all the packing and lifting, and our brains are weary from the weight of the decisions that had to be made in the last couple of weeks. But goodness our hearts are full ! And between sorting and packing and decluttering, we’re still finding time to keep it light-hearted and joyful.img_2677img_2680img_2687img_2682img_2683img_2688img_2693

As I write this Hamza and Azaan are dancing in their room to the sound of one of their toy, still pyjama clad and missing one sock (each). But I’ve learned that when play is peppered with giggles it’s best to leave them be (I don’t even look at them much for fear of jinxing it, lol).

We are bidding farewell to a home that has provided us with the fondest of memories, and such comfort and joy! It was tiny, but i chose to call it cozy. The kitchen had very limited counter space, but I made some of the yummiest, hearty meals in it. The lounge was small, but there was room to move (and dance!). It didn’t come with the best natural light and that bugged me a lot, but it was a small price to pay for all the heartwarming times it brought for our family. It wasn’t always gleamy and spotless, but it was lived in and comfy and warm. I loved setting it up, taking my time to adorn its sweet, little corners. In fact i was still setting it up when this move became a reality for us. It may not have been ideal, but I loved the way we LIVED here. It was a happy home. And thats what I will take away from here. Golden memories.

Being an army brat, I have been packing and moving my whole life. I should be better at it cause of all the experience, but I am always an emotional, sobbing mess come moving day. Its hard to say goodbye to a place you called home for however short or long period. The place where you laughed and cried, ate and slept, loved and fought, and made so many memories. The waterworks have been making appearance quite often these days. But as they say, something good has to end to make room for something better.  So here is hoping and wishing and praying with all my heart, for just that — something better!

Below I am sharing some photos from around the apartment that I have taken over time in the past few months. I intended to do a proper House Tour here on the blog, but it was always a work in progress and never completely done. So just a peak at a few of my favorite corners.img_7052img_7061img_2634img_6719img_6738img_6727img_6717-2img_6703img_7042img_266515730847_10206031093656115_1954593615_nimg_7090img_7081

Tomorrow, we leave Riyadh for good. This city has been so good to us. Will always hold it close to my heart. But now its time for the next big thing!

PS, Of dreams and House Purge .

4 Comments Add yours

  1. maryammalick says:

    What a beautiful heart felt piece. I don’t even know what is coming for me but you just put the bitter reality in front of us in such sweet words. InshaAllah everything will happen for good. Lots of duas and virtual hugs 🤗 Hoping to see you soon InshaAllah


    1. Abeer says:

      Loved your comment. Cause it always comes from heart 😊
      Exciting times ahead inshallah for both of us! Inshallah see you soon 😘


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